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Do the new consoles look hideous?

CVG - Plus: Is Retro's next project disappointingly familiar? (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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iamnsuperman  +   365d ago
I do sort of like the PS4's look (grown on me) but they aren't the best looking things to come out. I don't particularly mind (all what matters is what is on the inside and what they do with it) but with companies obsessed with image and looking ultrachic (because the thing in is looking ultrachic) it seems they all missed the ball here
mattdillahunty  +   365d ago
to be honest, i would probably go with...

1. black Wii U
2. PS4
3. Xbox One

i like the small, sleek look of the black Wii U. it just looks more sleek and elegant while the other two look big and blocky in comparison.
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iamnsuperman  +   365d ago
I am personally not a fan of the shiny black look. Actually I hate when companies use that finish for their products.

My order would be
Black Wii U
Xbox One (not a fan of the way they have done the half shiny half matte look. Very weird)
White Wii U (white products for me look naff)
Donnieboi  +   365d ago
I kinda disliked the ps4 design at first, until I saw the mock-ups of it in silver and in white. The lighter shades really bring out the design a lot more. Plus it reminds me of ps one a little more.
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PigPen  +   365d ago
The Wii U is the best looking console.

1. Wii U
2. Xbox One
3. Playstation 4

That's the order I will give the consoles.
mewhy32  +   365d ago
Well the PS4 looks like the future, the WiiU looks like a bigger more rounded Wii, and the xbone looks like a 1980's VCR.
True_Samurai  +   365d ago
^^^^ But the ps4 looks like a burnt eraser while the x1 blends in good with the TV etc
Prime_28  +   365d ago
I agree the black Wii U is definitely the sexiest looking console.
heihoosilver  +   365d ago
I don´t like either, for me the best looking console of all time is the Megadrive 1, good looking and sexy, Ps4 and Xbox one look like "boxes".
DecoyOctopus  +   365d ago
I like the PS4 it kinda looks like a PS2 slim but it has a blue tron like light on it that looks awesome. The xbox one looks like a huge vcr though. But in the end all that matter is games.
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JsonHenry  +   365d ago
I must be the only person that thinks the PS4 and Xbox1 both look like decent additions to the media cabinet. Neither one screams "geek" or "look at me!". They both will blend in nicely without being an eyesore.
hazardman  +   365d ago
The best non bias comment ive read so far.
I personally like the look of both and both will look sexy right under my 40" Panasonic Viera(which has that piano black finish). Man i cant wait!!
Crazyglues  +   365d ago
To me the new PS4 is fine, I don't think people realize how small it is, it's about the same size as the Slim...

-So when you put it on a stand I think it's going to look really nice, for me I'm putting it on my desk so I think it's going to look pretty sexy standing up..

Give it a little time it will grow on you..

||.........___||............ ||
MysticStrummer  +   365d ago
I don't think either console's design is the best ever, but I do like PS4's better. The angles make a huge difference, and that blue light looks cool, though it would look better if it went all the way across.

Neither is hideous.
avengers1978  +   365d ago
I don't much care how a console looks, I care how it preforms.
That said they all look kind of bad.
Wii u looks to much like wii
Xb1 does look like a VCR
And PS4 looks like a box that was in a wind tunnel for a long time
Tsar4ever  +   365d ago
I don't think either console design's look bad. XB1 looks exactly what it's aspired to be, A "jack of all trades" SET TOP BOX. Mission accomplished MS.

The PS4 looks like a slight attempt to re-imagine the GREATNESS that hung around the PS2 era while maintaining the tried a true ability the be played vertical as well as horizontal. Giving it that angled SLANT kinda reminds me of those GILLETTE RAZORS commercials for some reason, lol. Simple, no non- sense design with elegance.

But hey! There's a really cool blue LIGHT BAR that turns on the system chassis when the console is powered. Man, wouldn't be something if that light bar could change to all the colors of the PlayStation icons on the D-pad buttons and light bar on the controller pad?

Yeah, just like the Alienware X51-PC console chassis user-customization lighting effects. That would be FIRE!!!
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gintoki777  +   365d ago
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. lol
LeonhartX  +   365d ago
Its not the best looking playstation but i really like it, it's elegant and simple.
Concertoine  +   365d ago
Lol @ the disagrees.
GribbleGrunger  +   365d ago
I actually think the PS4 is the best looking console Sony have ever released. I never liked the PS2s look (until the slim) and I dislike the extra slim PS3 with it's ugly corrugation. This looks slick and modern. Twill be buffed and hoovered regularly to keep it looking as pristine as the day I unbox it, and if anyone dare put a fingerprint on it, they will be summarily shot.
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360ICE  +   365d ago
As far as consoles go, I think One is by far the best looking Xbox and PS4 looks maybe even a little bit better than Xbox One.
IcicleTrepan  +   365d ago
ps4 looks better than xbox one
ps4 looks better than any PS console yet
but ps4 and xbox one still both kinda look like hell
Rusty515  +   365d ago
I personally think the fat PS3 was the best looking. But If we're talking about different models too, I'd say the PS2 Slim wins best looking Sony console.
hazardman  +   365d ago
Yes it was..
sly-Famous  +   365d ago
I think the PS4 looks damn sexy.
ps4 looks good. Dont care though. I would buy it looked like an toilet. I just want games.
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ThaMobbFinest  +   365d ago
It's one sexy beast. Best looking ever.
Williamson  +   365d ago
The ps4 looks really good IMO. Wasn't a fan at first but now I just can't stop staring at pics of it, also it would be awesome if more colors were released at launch (I know it won't happen)
Minato-Namikaze  +   365d ago
I want a Midnight green color or a special Killzone engraved one.
Williamson  +   365d ago
Those would be pretty cool, more options are always great for us gamers.
tigertron  +   365d ago
The PS4 has grown on me, I hated it at first but now I can appreciate the style.

The Xbox One on the other hand just looks like a Betamax.
Concertoine  +   365d ago
I really like the wii u's look. The thing is tiny and smooth, and im just not a fan of the sharp angles all over the xbox one and ps4.
JBSleek  +   365d ago
Who cares they stay on a shelf or whatever. It's not an accessory you wear it will stay in one spot for years and likely be hidden.

Ones a rectangle and the other is a trapezoid.
brich233  +   365d ago
Yes, they look like HIDEOUS VCRs or DVD players, END OF DISCUSSION!!!!
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   365d ago
ehh PS4 looks decent. Xbox one is a DVR box looks worse than version of the 360. wiiU is just bland nothing rlly striking about it.
Bennibop  +   365d ago
I would say that Xbox one is perhaps one of the ugliest consoles even created. Looks like the Philips CDI.

Plus the fact it cannot not be stood verticaly is ridiculous and means I will not have space under my TV especially as I will still need my cable box etc.
Minato-Namikaze  +   365d ago
They decided to put that BIG ASS FAN in the console because they were desperately afraid of having another RROD fiasco which probably really limited design choices.
strigoi814  +   365d ago
I wish sony would release ps4 before snow days come coz i dont want to wait in line on cold
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hazardman  +   365d ago
Well if its Oct or Nov. it wont matter as those are cold months regardless.
lucidity  +   365d ago
There have been uglier boxes. These two are actually pretty reasonable, really.
PigPen  +   365d ago
The PS4 is the ugliest console to date. I'm sorry, the Xbox One does look better.
Scrumptious  +   365d ago
XO reveal was disappointing to me. I was hoping the PS4 would look better but when they revealed it at E3 I was let down again (and by lack of applause at the conference so were others). At the moment I prefer the PS4s looks but they are both growing on me the more I look at them. My launch PS4 will fit nicely in my current entertainment center but when I get the XO down the road I might need a bigger one to house that behemoth.
PigPen  +   365d ago
It's funny how they all say the same thing, " its grown on me".
CrossingEden  +   365d ago
they only look hideous to the same type of people who would date a girl for looks instead of personality
elda  +   365d ago
IMO the PS4 is the best console design yet...sleek,sexy,modern,future & very Japan!
Aleithian  +   365d ago
I hate the XBONE's look.

But I really like the PS4. I know lots of people compare the two - with good reason - but the PS4 is more aesthetically unified, more pleasant and stylish.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   365d ago
The PS4 is the hot girl you see at the bar who you want to take home.

The X1 is the fat chick who you avoid eye contact with. But with enough booze you may take her home if you get out the door before the ugly lights come on, but you will regret it the rest of your life.
hazardman  +   365d ago
If you say so...i mean after a few shots even the fat bitch at the bar starts to look good. Bartender " Let me get another shot. And give the fat bitch whatever she wants"
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   365d ago
I don't see how but it's your mistake to make.
jameson12345  +   365d ago
None of them seem to really click compared to the last generation's styles aesthetic wise. The Wii U is simple, logical, but not overly imaginative. The PS4 is the most creative and coolest looking, but I do admit it is a little over the top and impractical shape wise. It probably will end up redesigned down the road. The Xbox, well the xbox is shaped by what Microsoft originally intended it to be, a cable box. Boring, heavy, and functional.
segamon  +   365d ago
I agree with you mostly.
wishingW3L  +   365d ago
only the Xbox One because it's so big.
segamon  +   365d ago
not hideous but unimaginative.

the original PS3 had a true next-gen look, stylish and bold design. the PS4 tried to pull that unique look again and to some level it did but it's not the same as the PS3 imho.

Xbox remained with the tried and true box like design, same with the wii U.

all in all, they're not hideous, they just lack the magical touch of imagination.
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thecurseddevil  +   365d ago
what were they expecting ,a friggin' spaceship?
Primal Rex  +   365d ago
i think both the x1 and ps4 will look better in person photos dont do hardware justice most of the time
Prime_28  +   365d ago
Wii U design wins by a mile.
GraveLord  +   365d ago
Seriously? It looks horrible with that elongated behind.
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PigPen  +   365d ago
One thing we all can agree on, the Wii U looks better then the Playstation 4.
GraveLord  +   365d ago

LOL. No. Just....no.
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