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Third Party Publishers Worry About Wii U Sales Figures

Forbes - Nintendo ‘s Wii U has struggled since launch and now third-party game publishers are starting to worry. (Wii U)

David88Corn  +   726d ago
Dreamcast all over again?
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mewhy32  +   726d ago
Well let's not forget that game developers are in the business to make money. If they are developing a game for a console that isn't selling well then they don't make money right? Nintendo needs to come up with a way to get their console moving off shelves and into people's homes. That will settle the minds of the developers.
PSjesus  +   726d ago
Unlike WiiU the fail of Saturn and SEGA CD was the reason for developer to stay away from DC,WiiU killed by low quality first party games and last gen technology they got lucky with wii gimmick but touch screen isnt
Concertoine  +   726d ago
Dreamcast had great 3rd party support given the circumstances. I mean the thing has 700+ games (almost double the n64 and more than the gamecube) and it was only relevant for like 2 years. Just because EA didnt support it doesnt mean it had bad support.
3-4-5  +   726d ago
Mario Kart 8 = 5 million sold

Super Mario 3D World = 3 million

Super Smash Brothers = 4-6 Million

Legend of Zelda U = 5+ million

All these games will sell systems. There are other games that we don't even know about that will also help sell the system. It's just going to be a late starter like the PS3 is, except easier to dev for, so once it picks up, it will pick up fast.

The Wii U is only selling like 200,000 units less than the PS3 was at this same time after release.

Give it some time.
deafdani  +   726d ago
Not likely.
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CalamityCB  +   726d ago
Jesus Christ, if your a developer and realize there are not a lot of third party games being released, THEN RELEASE ONE. It's a perfect time to release a games as what else will WiiU gamers play?
kayoss  +   726d ago
The problem with your idea is that if developers release a new game for the Wii U and it doesnt sell, then they will lose a lot of money. This is what all this debate is about. The only thing that keep the Wii U going is their first party games, but the problem is that Wii U adoption are so low that they are not making any profits.
Hopefully the new Monster Hunter will help push the Wii U sales.

If they are struggling now, how can they compete against PS4 and XBox One when they are released. The question need to be answered is, Will Developer spend the time to optimize games meant for the PS4 and XboxOne and port it to the Wii U?
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Donnieboi  +   726d ago
Umm, have u actually read the article?
PopRocks359  +   726d ago
It's a double-edged sword. Which third party games have sold well on Wii U? Zombi U did okay-ish (around 500k I believe) and Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed initially sold most on Wii U across all platforms.

Keeping this in mind, Black Ops 2 apparently did not do well nor did any of the other big names like Assassin's Creed. Yeah Wii U needs content, but even the ports that were not so bad wound up not selling. It's a shame, I agree but what developer is going to risk losing that much money?
Trago1337  +   726d ago
Maybe if they advertise the gamepad features, the consumer might make sense of it.
Dj7FairyTail  +   726d ago
maybe if they put the same amount of effort and money into the Wii U version we will buy em
Trago1337  +   726d ago
That too haha. But advertising really helps too.
Brasi1989  +   726d ago
Truer words have not been said.*

*In this articles comments.
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PigPen  +   726d ago
I am not worried about games on Nintendo console. Since when have a Nintendo console not receive any third party support. Nintendo may not get all third party but they will always get some. That make more room for Nintendo first party games to sell on its own hardware. If a average Wii U owner isn't all that worried, why are they.
shibster88  +   726d ago
No way in hell will the ps3 outsell the ps4 not a chance its next gen it will sell more because people want an upgrade.
shibster88  +   726d ago
Omegaman you said that the wii u will sell more than all the other consoles this hoilday season are you high or drunk must be one of them, wii u would be lucky to come 6th place with console sales, when the ps4 hits ps vita will go up in sales a heep load.
kayoss  +   726d ago
Sony would be smart to have a PS4 bundled with the PS Vita. I have two PS vitas (one for the wife and one for myself). If SOny offer a bundle at a good price, i will drop the money to get a third Vita! I will wait a while for the xbox One to see how it plays out.
Currently my Wii U is sitting at home un-touched for the last 2 months (I unplugged). I won it through a raffle and gave it to my wife. She's a hardcore Mario fan and so far she didnt even bother finishing the new Mario game. Stating that, "Its the same crap over and over again". But i had a blast with Zombie U tho, but it got old pretty quickly.
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PigPen  +   726d ago
I'm sorry, the Vita is dead. The PS4 doesn't have that star power demand to bring the Vita back to life. Wii U and 3DS bundles for Black Friday will sell. I looking for a 3DS bundle to get myself for this holiday season. Sony is not king of the world, if that was true they wouldn't be in the situation that they are in.
kayoss  +   725d ago
why in hell will the Wii U be bundle with the 3DS?? The Wii U already have its own screen whats the point of having a 3DS bundle?
Have you seen the weekly sales report lately my friend? yes the PS vita is not selling like the 3DS, but it consistently outselling the Wii U every week even the damn PSP is outselling the Wii U. If anything, the Wii U is dying a slow death. I hope not tho but at the rate that its going its not looking good.
_QQ_  +   726d ago
Sony will be lucky if their stocks don't go from Junk to disgusting heap of trash, WiiU will Sell the most come xmas :D
Dj7FairyTail  +   726d ago

Nintendo Fans aren't stupid.
PigPen  +   726d ago
Save the insults, we don't have to like what you like. Nintendo makes some of the best games ever. You are talking crazy.
Dj7FairyTail  +   726d ago
I am talking about Third Party not not Nintendo.

I am a Nintendo Fan.
Firan  +   726d ago
Hopefully Nintendo's upcoming games will sell the system so it gets more support.
StraightedgeSES  +   726d ago
It would have sold better if 3Rd party devs released new games instead of old ports.
Concertoine  +   726d ago
Im sure the system will find its place by christmas next year. Me personally, ps4 and wii u all the way :P. I think the wii u will be my main console at least until the end of 2014 because at the moment it has more games coming im interested in.
Crillvirus81  +   726d ago
Say what you want wii u wii be the best selling console this holiday disagree if you want..they have a line up that's not to be played with they all sell millions unlike the other company's that hope to sell a million.. And if 3rd party's can't see that there stupid please name me a game that's going to sell millions and move units like Mario or donkey kong or Zelda lol ...and we all know there's going to be a price drop right before the other 2 release there consoles ....which will light up sales
BuffMordecai  +   725d ago
Wii U and Vita owners feel the same pain regarding third party support.

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