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Namco Bandai Trademarks “Lost Swords”, New Soul Calibur or Teased Ace Combat Project?

Namco Bandai filed yesterday for the registration of the trademark “Lost Swords”. (Namco Bandai, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

jc48573  +   780d ago
isn't Deep Down a Capcom game?
Abriael  +   780d ago
My bad, had a momentary brain fart lol.
PurpHerbison  +   780d ago
The name "Deep Down" lacks some major creativity.
Prcko  +   780d ago
yes it is
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jc48573  +   780d ago
I hope it is. I mean, for the love of fighting games and all. SCV is one of the first fighting games that kinda left on a cliffhanger lol.
PigPen  +   780d ago
Soul Calibur I am looking forward to.
KaMaHKaZiE  +   780d ago
I hope the next ace combat is like assault horizon, that one was just bad. I mean it looks great and plays great but it isn't what Ace Combat is all about, bring back the old schoolness
Abriael  +   780d ago
I guess you mean it isn't like this. Yeah, a return to the old dear fictional world would be awesome.
StockpileTom  +   780d ago
Yes, please...that focus on action...and taking the control away from the player... and...well everything was horrible about Assault Horizon
rezzah  +   780d ago
I hope this time Soul Calibur will have a story to tell for each character. The story was very disappointing in 5.
Abriael  +   780d ago
As long as it's not a mobile title, I'm ok with (almost) everything...
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sephiroth420  +   780d ago
i hope its a new soul calibur and i hope they bring the mechanics from SC 2/3/4 not 5, 5 was some bullshit.
Darrius Cole  +   780d ago
I don't think the mechanics of SCV were that bad I just think that the character changes were so disturbing that they biased lots of people against the game before they even got started.

Although I will admit that it seems to me the Soul Calibur gets a little worse with each iteration. I missed Soul Edge and Soul Calibur I, but to me it seems that the best one was SC2.


I do have to say that the net code as well as the all-around online set up and online options for Soul Calibur 5 were better than they were on Soul Calibur 4.
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sephiroth420  +   779d ago
really? didnt you find the switching of the gaurd impact to using the little power bar you get, instead of being able to just do it whenever in the middle of battle a bit game ruining, i used to love fast action packed battles and SC5 doesnt have the same flow as the others.
yeah i agree with you there SC2 was the best imo, i never really played either online, just local vs with friends.
kalebninja  +   780d ago
if its a new sc which it probly is then the customization items need to be better and being able to change the color texture and patterns of EVERYTHING and unlimited sticker uses and the fighting needs to feel more fluid and for story mode it should be like legends and not some random bull... andnew styles not just some clones of previous characters
I want both a new ace combat and a new soul calibur on next gen. But this is probably neither.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   780d ago
AC is long dead game, better go with SC
Williamson  +   780d ago
Hopefully they go back and make gameplay like SC2 and have as many solo game modes that #3 had, or at least give us a weapon master mode. SC5 was a disappointment for me and I regretted paying 60$ for it, also remove the special moves as IMO they don't fit in.
crider771  +   780d ago
I would love a next gen Soul Caliber, but who ever the lead was on SCV needs to step down because that was not a good game... Give us back character endings,better new characters(not the teen version of classic characters either) and more modes of play.
Darrius Cole  +   780d ago
Hopefully, it a new Soul Calibur game and the "Lost Swords" means that the game is "finding" all the characters the SoulCalibur V "lost".

Like Taki, Sophie, Cassie, Setsuka, and Talim. I really felt bad for people that invested several generations playing with Talim. SCV didn't even have a clone of her character.

I thought removing the old characters for SCV was quite stupid.
llMurcielagoll  +   780d ago
Project Aces had been teasing a new Ace Combat coming soon on their official Facebook Page now. That I know for a definite there will be one ready to be announced in the next coming weeks.
chrispseuphoria  +   780d ago
Could be a Soul Calibur game for Vita.

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