LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Confirmed for Next-Gen [Box Art Revealed]

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has today revealed the official box art design for the forthcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, a new videogame jam-packed with more than one hundred Marvel characters. Furthermore, the publisher has also confirmed that the videogame will be made available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 following their launch later this year.

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barb_wire1775d ago

Might as well stick with the 360/PS3 version.. I really don't see the PS4/XBOne versions being anything other than straight ports.. Now if TT Games have completely rewritten the game to take advantage of the PS4/XBOne greater memory and such, then I'd go for next gen one.

CyrusLemont1774d ago

Hopefully they've put in physics, higher res textures, native 1080p support, 60fps, better AA and a bunch of other cool graphic mumbo jumbo stuff haha.

exfatal1774d ago

sounds like a Santa wish list... highly doubt TT will put that much effort into a port. My moneys on straight port with a few next gen "features" tacked on.

DarKnightDave1775d ago

If it's the same price as ps3 version then I'll get ps4 instead.

ironfist921774d ago

Theres really no point in the next-gen version other than being visually better. Its not like the game needs massive processing power for gameplay and rendering

TwilightSparkle1774d ago

I just wonder if the vita verison has open world