GTA 5 for only £4.97 at GameStop

Videogamer writes:

GameStop is offering a special GTA 5 trade-in deal, which means gamers could secure the game for just £4.97.

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iamnsuperman1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

So if I give in GTA 4 and the episode collection or even something crap like Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and something else for it I get GTA V for £5. Yep I am totally doing this

BiggCMan1743d ago

Really good deal, but apparently it's only EU? That's a shame.

tigertron1743d ago

Ok, I said numerous times I was holding out for a possible PS4 version, but what the hell, I'll trade in GTAIV and Mario Kart DS.

Aleithian1743d ago

Dammit - give me this deal in the US! I'd be all over that!

nick901743d ago

Seems an amazing offer but is there any risk, obviously have to pay upfront and then they have the power..

"9. GameStop also reserve the right to refuse to accept any game for the purpose of this GTA: V Trade-In Offer at their discretion without giving any reason."

abc12331739d ago

Well they've said that the list of games is final. If they change anything now or do anything to screw over the customers then their reputation will pretty much be destroyed.

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