Oculus Rift Boss Would "Love" To Release On Xbox One, But Worried About Console Life-Cycles

"The more that they're throwing into AR and VR, the better it is for everybody."
Virtual reality outfit Oculus certainly isn't averse to releasing Oculus Rift on Xbox One, CEO Brand Iribe has told OXM - as far as he's concerned, the more companies get involved with virtual or augmented reality the better.

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dirigiblebill1745d ago

The motion sickness thing is a real deal-breaker - they need to sort that out. Otherwise, hugely impressed by the tech.

Mystogan1745d ago

Combine this with Kinect 2 and we'd be damn close to real virtual reality.

dirigiblebill1745d ago

I don't know, surely you'd have to find a way to map virtual versions of your limbs to motion gestures? Seems like it would be a massive ordeal to develop/play. Interesting idea, though.

Snookies121745d ago

You'd need the omni-treadmill and that suit that can make you feel things in games... Then you'll be good lol. Though your bank account will be a couple thousand dollars lighter lol.

VasiliasNtaHs1745d ago

Until that happens it's virtually real virtual reality. Hope they realise it in a non virtual way

malokevi1745d ago


Kinect 2 + Rift = the closest thing we've ever seen to VR.

I hope they go that route. I'll buy one if its supported.

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MonChiChi1745d ago

I can safely say I have never experienced motion sickness and most likely wouldn't from this, but who knows.

Snookies121745d ago

They need some kind of policy where you can return it if you get motion sick from the thing... I REALLY want one, but I'm worried that might happen. If that were the case, I wouldn't even be able to use the thing and it's not cheap.

dcj05241745d ago

From most people who wear it they only feel motion sickness for about 5 minutes. If your a scount in TF2 running 40MPH your body isn't used to that. It has to adjust. Basically anything that would give you vertigo/motion sickness in real life will give you it in VR too. Your brain just gets used to it.Just like people got used to First Person Shooters.

JsonHenry1745d ago

The few people I know do not get any form of motion sickness. I think it is a person to person deal like stereoscopic 3D tends to be in general.

Clover9041745d ago

Know that the motion sickness effect everyone differently. Sme people are effected, while others have no problems whatsoever. Reducing the latency in the device even more may reduce the chance of motion sickness, as well as developers understanding of the technology. Saw one guy playing modded Doom 3 on the Oculus Rift, and he had to quickly change the setting, because every time his character got shot the camera moves shakes a split seconds, indicating that you've been hit. That split second motion was giving him a headache. This technology is still very early, and I can't wait for it to be released. Luckily, I don't suffer from motion sickness.

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warewolfSS1745d ago

I wonder how much MS paid them to say that. /s

SniperControl1745d ago

LOL, Dude i would not worry to much about that.


Clover9041745d ago

That is the Xbox killer. Would be amazing. In the meantime, ill be experiencing the Rift on the PC.

Snookies121745d ago

Actually, they didn't say they would "love" to release it on Xbox One... That's just this site saying that. What they actually said is that they would like to see it on PS4 and Xbox One down the line.

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Lvl_up_gamer1745d ago

Not sure why they would care how long the console life cycle is. Next gen consoles will be around for at least 15 years, that is more then long enough. Also, a sale is a sale so millions of OR's will be sold. You can believe that they are also looking to put this on the PS4 as well.

I greatly expect this to make it's way to consoles as soon as the next gen consoles hit the shelves, there is clearly a large market for the OR on consoles.

It's coming and I can't wait to use it.

papashango1745d ago

Sony says PS4 will last 8

Lvl_up_gamer1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

So Sony is going to stop making PS4's after 8 years?

The PS2 lasted over 10. Pretty sure the PS4 will still be manufactured while the PS5 is.

papashango1745d ago

Are you stupid?

Sony said PS4 will last 8

JBSleek1745d ago

Doesn't mean it will be relevant in eight years. PS5 could be out in 6 years.

Si_851745d ago

Are you stupid?

Sony actually said it would last AT LEAST 8 years so quit abusing people.

Lvl_up_gamer1744d ago

I see the apple of common sense fell a little too far from the tree.

Just because Sony says the PS4 will last 8 years DOESN'T MEAN THEY WILL STOP MANUFACTURING IT AT THE 8 YEAR MARK.

Just like how Sony said the PS3 will last 10...and sure enough we are in year 8 and the PS4 is about to be released, clearly Sony is still manufacturing PS3 and will do so up until year 10 at least.

Since the PS4 will have much more powerful components then the is VERY PROBABLE that the PS4 will be MANUFACTURED long after the 8 year mark.

Please remove your ignorance from this site...this site reeks enough as it is with all the sony fanboy idiots.

Animal Mutha 761745d ago

And I'd love to see the rift supported on all next gen platforms. It would be amazing in a driving sim for cockpit view.

SniperControl1745d ago

Now that is something to look forward to.

Loving the avatar pic!

jukins1745d ago

Wow I've thought a lot about o rift and somehow I never thought about driving games this would be beyond awesome for cockpit view and I imagine would probably help my lap times immensely.

FanboyCrusher1745d ago

I'd really love it if these were console compatible, and developers made games around them. Especially if one set worked with both consoles, and PC. That would be stellar. This could bring immersion to a whole new level that won't be matched for decades. It's sad that one of the co-founders won't get to see his dream come true.

Thehyph1745d ago

Agreed. Cross compatibility for consoles and PC would probably help for initial sales, too. People more likely to be shown it. People who have multiple devices that could use it (and probably have the dough to spend for it at initial price)
Plus game development would probably be more serious.

dcj05241745d ago

In a interview the Vice President of Oculus rift said it could theoretically work on all consoles, as long as it has a usb port. He said you'd need to keep it at a steady 60FPS though.SCE already has alot of oculus rift dev-kits, they really like it. Sony s
Already attempted, and failed. At VR so I would imagine they would want to include oculis rift in PS4.

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