Blockbuster focuses on Games Rentals

Blockbuster confirming its passion for games rentals reassuring customers who want to switch to them from Lovefilm

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Saints941174d ago

Sounds great but finding a Blockbuster here is like finding Waldo.

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retrozoid1174d ago

Maybe so..£9.99 is a good deal just needs work on availability

Veni Vidi Vici1174d ago

It's not worth it. I was given a free month of it and every single game I wanted was out for the entire month. And these were older games too.

Unless BB decides to drastically increase the number of disks they have for the popular titles, they are doomed because anyone who tries this will quickly cancel it.

Jaybronee1173d ago

I've had Dark Souls in my Que since it came out and Blockbuster still hasn't mailed it out. Pfft!

spoonard1174d ago

Blockbuster...c'mon man, just DIE already!

SpinalRemains1381174d ago


That's like Bigfoot. Many have heard, but few have seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.