Cerny hammers home PS4's support for indies

Develop Conference: Lead system architect of Sony's next console reiterates commitment to independent developers

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abzdine1747d ago

and i hammer that i will buy a PS4

madpuppy1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

You know what is really refreshing about Mark Cerny? He talks about the PS4 and everything related to the PS4. Unlike that fat, bald guy from MS from a few years back, that all he did was bad mouth the PlayStation rather than focus on his own company's products.

Does anybody remember that guy's name? it was around the Time that Turn 10 studios was openly badmouthing polyphony studios about Gran Turismo 5.

EDIT: I found his name Aaron Greenberg!

madpuppy1747d ago

Aaron Greenberg, is the perfect "face" of Microsoft.
here is an article I found listing some of this clown's remarks about the competition.

Arai1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Here are some videos from the presentation and a interview with him:

The interviewer was... /facepalm

awesomeperson1747d ago

The whole "somebody who is not very well known in the industry" part of the interview made me cringe. That along with the E3 stage part really showed the interviewer didn't do his homework. I thought Cerny handled the interview well, especially those questions which didn't quite come out right...

Cerny comes across as a guy who is very professional in how he conducts himself, yet manages to appear trustworthy and highly likeable at the same time. Really a valuable part of the Sony team.

GenericNameHere1747d ago

If even Youtube comments make fun of the interviewer, then he must have been truly an appalling interviewer.

Major_Glitch1747d ago

This is why I prefer Sony above it's competitors. They produce GOTY winning console-exclusive AAA titles, their support for independent developers is unmatched by other consoles, and Sony's library of games includes some great mmos.

Agent_hitman1747d ago

I was amazed when Sony showcased Indie games on their E3 2013 conference.. That was the first time that Game console Manufacturers committed themselves to full indie experience for their platform.

And of course no crap policies just like on MS, asking developer to pay $20,000 for every game updates for XBLA.

Sony practices a Good working environment and also a good partnership by allowing Indies to self publish their games on PSN.. #SonyFTW #PS4

1747d ago
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