Disrupt Engine – The Foundation of Watch Dogs

LGN: "Dominic Guay, senior producer of Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs, recently elaborated on the Disrupt Engine, calling it the base of the multiplatform open-world action game, and expanded on how its efficiency allowed for incredible levels of detail and the seamless transition between online and offline gameplay."

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Whatsupdog1781d ago

This game looks incredible enough on current-gen systems. Would be interesting to see how it looks with everything at max on a high-end PC.

windblowsagain1780d ago

I think PS4/PC will look 99% the same.

Obviously higher fps, and rez if you have that kinda rig.

Be interesting to see how much power is needed on PC.

adorie1780d ago

Depends. PS4 could have higher resolution but same graphics features as Xbone, possibly better fps too, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that.
This is why the coming of these consoles is exciting because we'll get to pick both consoles and their games, completely apart, with the help of the likes of Digital Foundry.

PersonMan1780d ago

I might get this on PS3. I'm not too sold on the next gen systems just yet. I'm really tempted to get a PS4 for Second Son though. I love the Infamous series!

Anyway... once GTA V hits, I'm going to be playing my PS3 for a long, long time. Just seeing how big and diverse the game is, I doubt it will get old fast. Heck, I'm still playing GTA IV because I still seem to experience things in that game that I haven't experienced before.

MiasmaDodo1780d ago

If this game runs the same on PS3 and PS4
I might skip this til the Watch Dogs 2

I want a true next gen title day 1

mkotechno1780d ago

Not a single word about the engine itself more that press headers like "better AI".

I would like to know for example if this engine is AnvilNext or is other.

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