Global Weekly Chart, Ending 29th Jun 2013

Worldwide Hardware:

1: 3DS - 180,279 (-10%)
2: PS3 - 135,657 (+2%)
3: X360 - 92,896 (+8%)
4: PSV - 59,522 (+78%)
5: PSP - 51,429 (+1%)
6: WiiU - 24,981 (+13%)
7: Wii - 24,214 (+2%)
8: DS - 10,893 (-2%)

Worldwide Software:

1: (PS3) The Last of Us - 354,861
2: (PS3) Gundam Breaker - 189,969
3: (3DS) Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 159,888
4: (PSV) Toukiden - 124,274
5: (3DS) Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl - 90,297
6: (PSP) Toukiden - 67,728
7: (3DS) Project X Zone - 65,824
8: (X360) Minecraft - 65,707
9: (PS3) Atelier Escha andamp; Logy - 57,712
10: (3DS) Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - 56,534

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aceitman1716d ago

Ps3 passed the 78 million mark.

PSjesus1716d ago

with a price cut it'll pass 100m more than 30 m PS2 sold after PS3 released

-GametimeUK-1716d ago

3DS by the looks of things. Not bad for a console that was labelled "dead" by a very vocal crowd online. Nice to see it pulling in fantastic numbers. Easily the best software for a handheld console at this point in time. Very deserving of these sales.

HammadTheBeast1716d ago

Yeah it's doing great. I'm also surprised that The Last of Us is still #1.

FriedGoat1716d ago

Good that Nintendo have the casual market for their 3DS, thats the way to make money.
Shame they moved on from the Wii/wii U :(

AdvanceWarsSgt1716d ago

^^^^I'm not so sure the 3DS is mostly made up of casual gamers. The system isn't as mainstream appealing as the DS was, and the majority of its lineup consists of core games.

For a comparison, the DS--->3DS transition is much like the GB--->GBA transition, in which the successors are less popular to the mainstream than their predecessors but remain popular to core gamers because of their libraries.

AdvanceWarsSgt1716d ago

Figures that instead of responding to my comment I just get a bunch of disagrees. Then again, considering this is N4Sony, don't know why I expected even that much.

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JasonXS121716d ago

I'm really glad that the Vita sales are picking up these past few months. Hopefully with the introduction of next gen, PS4, sales for Vita will go even higher.

DarkHeroZX1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Yeah I think with the ps3 and the vita being the same price it makes the Vita look less attractive. But with a new more expensive console people will really begin to see the value of the PS Vita at it's current price. Sony also needs to launch faster and much bigger memory cards and slash the price of the current ones.

Prime_281716d ago

Yeah but it's still getting destroyed by the 3DS :D

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Cam9771716d ago

The Vita's doing well! I wonder if the boost has come from PS4 integration or not? Things aren't looking good for the Wii U, it has half the sales of the Vita! I wonder if things will turn around for Nintendo.

mafiahajeri1716d ago

What are you talkin about? It's +13 from the previous week! It's doing well... XD

Hicken1716d ago

A mix of that and Toukiden, most likely. There were some more games announced for Vita this week, but I doubt they had an impact, as they're not for next year, I believe.

360ICE1716d ago

Toukiden released in Japan. Take a look at the Japanese numbers alone. It's a huge factor.

ThatCanadianGuy5141716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

These are all guesses based on nothing, by the way.

Hard to say if Vita is doing well or Wii u losing sales based on vgchartz.

GribbleGrunger1716d ago

I think it's too early for the PS4 integration to have any 'significant' effect on Vita sales. I believe we'll see the effects closer to the actual release of the PS4 because Sony will advertise the advantages of having both systems.

PSjesus1716d ago

to be honest it's doing good for a system with low to non ads and few games compared to gigantic 3ds library
think Sony is busy with PS4

PopRocks3591716d ago

Wait, Vita does a little under 60k and it's doing great...

Wii U does over and around 50k for some of the earlier months and it was doing horribly?

Am I the only one confused here? How are either of those figures supposed to be good, let alone the Vita's?

G20WLY1716d ago

^Yes Poprocks, you're the only one confused...

I hope Vita can retain some of this spike. Be nice to get a firm release date for Toukiden in the West.

PopRocks3591715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Gee, thanks for the explanation. Are you normally this mature and informative?

I suppose the next time the Wii U sells 50k come this holiday season everyone will be cheering for how well it's doing. /s

Seriously, this is hardly something to celebrate over. The Vita's doing less badly. And? It should be doing better. A LOT better. In fact these were numbers the Wii U was pulling around January and a little after.

cee7731715d ago


Don't think of what its(wii U) done think of what its done lately lol

and to even bring up 50k for A holiday season is pathetic makes me believe you lost faith in the wii U altogether holiday season is when your supposed to move the most consoles and if you believe the Wii U is only capable of 50k thats terrible


G20WLY1715d ago

^Pop, ooh sarcasm, well done sir. ;P

Vita sold 60k in a week and (as you said in your post above) WiiU sold 50k "some months".

I didn't think I'd need to offer an explanation.

Any reasonable person would agree that Toukiden (a new, barely touted IP) boosting sales of the Vita to this degree is a welcome surprise.

PopRocks3591713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )


The 50k sales were after the holiday rush. January is not part of that. Try again.


"Any reasonable person would agree that Toukiden (a new, barely touted IP) boosting sales of the Vita to this degree is a welcome surprise."

Yeah. In Japan. If the price was slashed in other regions and the game was released here, the Vita would be doing even better. But no, apparently it's better to sugarcoat everything and pretend that these numbers are actually impressive. Yet there are the PS3 and 3DS pulling in hundreds of thousands of units sold.

Fanboys are the worst, I swear.

G20WLY1713d ago

^Pop, calm your self lol

I agree, it's price should be cut in the West. When did I ever say these sales were 'impressive'? Answer: never.

It's an indisputable improvement. End of.

Fanboys ARE the worst, aren't they..? They read words that aren't there, just so they can pick a fight... smdh

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mafiahajeri1716d ago

+78% great! Gamescom should give it a boost too.

xxPillsxx1716d ago

If Gamescom does well it'll go +9001% lol
I really really really hope Gamescom will annouce some really good stuff!

stage881716d ago

Nice to see PS3 extending its lead.

mcstorm1716d ago

Good to see the PSV and WiiU numbers picking up. 3DS still selling well and good to see the 360 and PS3 still selling well late into there gens.

Lets hope they all keep on the rise on there way to the holiday season.

Lvl_up_gamer1716d ago

Just wait till MS finally cuts the 360 price....

360 sales will sky rocket

neoMAXMLC1716d ago

Sony will simply follow and then stay in the lead.

mcstorm1716d ago

It will be interesting to see what the sales are like for the 360 with Kinect if they drop it to £150 or below.

Lvl_up_gamer1716d ago



Sony has already stripped the PS3 down to it's bare bones and are just barely squeezing a profit out of it. Sony CAN'T lower the price.

It's MS that has been sitting on their current 360 price for the longest time. MS could drop the 360 4gb down to $99. No way Sony can do that with the PS3.

Please stop acting like you know anything business related. Your comment clearly shows your ignorance on the subject.

cee7731715d ago


ps3 cell and rsx will shrink to 22nm and 28nm early next year so A price is possible.

neoMAXMLC1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

The same EXACT thing can be said about you. If it was so easy for MS to drop the price then why havent they done so just yet? Why havent they done so even after a new redesign?

And easy on the PMS fueled reply this time please.

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