Metal Gear Solid 4 could be the real deal

From the article: "I'm the first to admit that as I get older, it gets easier and easier to get set in my ways. I might even use the word "comfortable" to describe it. Lately though, I've been at odds with myself. I'd decided I didn't really care about something that's growing more and more hyped in the gaming press. After reading a couple things today, I think the end of that comfort is near. To quote from of a past generation (here's the Wikipedia entry kids), "I can't fight this feeling anymore…" I'm officially excited for Metal Gear Solid 4. There… I said it. All signs point to it being the real deal."

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sonarus3911d ago

duh. He is a sarcastic gamer after all. Anyway bring on MGS4 so PS3 can finally have its "MONSTER" exclusive.

fenderputty3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

If he is, he's got the most dry sense of sarcasm that I've ever seen. That sure sounded like a straight up, "I'm excited and I just can't hide it, I'm about to loose control and I think I like it"

Not much in the article other than an opinion on the recent previews of the game. I read them all last night and even though I was stoked on this game before, I share his feeling that those previews only aided in making me MORE stoked.

cellypower3911d ago

This is the real deal holyfield for real!!!!!!

Adamalicious3911d ago

He is clearly NOT being sarcastic.

CaliGamer3911d ago

He is being legit, this is going to be a great summer.

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jwatt3911d ago

I've alwasys been excited for MGS4 but after seeing the Assassin's Solid video and reading those previews I feel like this game has a right to be hyped.

eagle213911d ago

Real Gamers get ready! June 12, 2008 worldwide. :)

lawman11083911d ago

This game will sell no better then COD4 or Uncharted did why? because people listen to the people @ Bestbuy who tell them to just buy a PS3 as their BD player. Software sales don't lie folks......360 out sells the PS3 by almost 7 to 1

PSWe603911d ago

I'm relatively new to the MGS franchise. First MGS game I played was Snake Eater and was a fan of the series. MGS 4 was really the principle reason I wanted a PS3. I'm hyped, I'm excited and I really can't wait for this game. Come June 12th everyone and I mean EVERYONE will know why PS3 is trully the system to own.

CaliGamer3911d ago

Some of the stuff is silly, but that is part of the charm of the series. Even the worst MGS game MGS2 was awesome, that is saying something when your worst effort falls short only when you compare it to another one of your games. This series is the sole reason I got a PS3.

Fruit Loops3911d ago

im sure that this game will deliver.

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The story is too old to be commented.