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Ten reasons to skip next-gen consoles this year

As many of us have learned the hard way, launch console hardware tends to be riddled with issues, and as we saw at the start of the current generation, many of the so-called next-gen games at launch were just older games with a lick of HD paint.

While these are both valid reasons to reconsidering picking up an Xbox One or Playstation 4 at launch, there is one much bigger reason to put off your purchase until next-year. (PS3, Xbox 360)

Stuart5756  +   784d ago
I dare say that this was a thought of mine even before I read this article, except the 'this year' part becomes 'a year'. A lot of those games in the article will be bought by me, and I already have a few games that haven't been completed yet, perhaps I'll let the first wave of next gen through and the buy a PS4 next spring/summer. But that does mean waiting until next spring/summer! Infamous Second Son looks too good to wait for! Aaaarrgggghhhhhh.
HundredProofSam  +   784d ago
Infamous Second Son does look great, but it isn't a launch title. Spring/Summer 2014 I think, so it suits your plan perfectly.
RedHawkX  +   784d ago
dude infamous second son comes out in january or febuary lol thats what the devs said and it makes sense because thats when people get there tax returns money in. people will be wanting new games early next year because all these launch titles that will sell like hotcakes will be beaten by them by then.
AliTheSnake1  +   784d ago
I'm getting mine next summer.
I gotta catch up with games on ps3.
By then They'll fix any bug they find in hardware or firmware, and hopefully have a 1TB console.And games would be a bit cheaper.
Mainman  +   784d ago
Yeah, you are not gonna want to buy BF4 on current gen console's. The 64 player thing is kind of a big deal in my opinion.
die_fiend  +   784d ago
1 reason to skip them is if you hate amazing graphics
RedHawkX  +   784d ago
you shouldnt skip the ps4 but you should skip the xbox one and wait for a price drop because it costs to much and not that many people are gonna get that console because its shipping less units. it just make sense to get a console with a low install base like the xbox one will have. you get the console that everyone is gonna have first so you can actually have people to play against in online matches and a big communnity.
GribbleGrunger  +   784d ago
Why are we getting these articles all of a sudden? It's been the same for ALL Sony gaming platforms including the PSP ... You know, the ten year promise. Every console/handheld gets supported even after the new console/handheld releases. I don't see why it should be related to the X1 either.
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Mounce  +   783d ago
I'll give you V reasons to not skip this generation.

Fuckin' Metal Gear Solid V

and if GTAV goes PS4/X1, I'd rather play it on them than on my laptop or PS3.
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Pillsbury1  +   784d ago
Biggest reason is there are still so many games coming to ps3, GTA 5 and beyond to name a few.
die_fiend  +   784d ago
You've named a couple, not a few
Hicken  +   783d ago
It's far less than many, and even less than some, so it IS a few.
monkey602  +   784d ago
South Park stick of truth
Baba1906  +   784d ago
never skip neveeeeeer!!! =D cant wait.
Gamers_United  +   784d ago
I will skip PS4 anyday no loss really
theWB27  +   784d ago
GTA 5 is pretty much the only reason. MAYBE Splinter cell. I always prefer to have the extra lick of power the next console offers during the transitional period.
5eriously  +   784d ago
Some Xbot idiot with disagrees all over.

A article with the 20 reasons of why you need to buy the PS4 this year will be more suitable. Maybe then I will click the link to view your overrated opinion. Luckily for me I did not waste any extra valuable time.
itBourne  +   784d ago
Sony consoles are a must, they got the best 1st party studios out of anyone. Sure I have a pc, but I need my Sony games too. So PC + PS = Best gaming experience.
FanboyCrusher  +   784d ago
PC+ PS= A fraction of the games you could be playing. What about the Xbox? Wii-U? Handhelds? Hell even mobile (I'm throwing them a bone). Sticking to two platforms is rather silly, you miss out on a lot.
Dark_Legend  +   784d ago
You are right but at the same time I would not even have enough time to play all of them :D.
fsfsxii  +   784d ago
Xbox? Meh imo, the exclusives don't interest me
Wii U? In its late life cycle.
Handhelds you gotta get both
thekhurg  +   784d ago
I stick with playstation platforms and do just fine every generation.
dredgewalker  +   784d ago
It would be nice to game on many platforms if only money wasn't an issue. For me a PS+PC combo always worked out fine for me for many years.
Fil101  +   784d ago
I kinda agree with what you are saying but at the same time alot of people including myself don't have alot of time to play video games so I myself will be sticking with PS + PC.
Shadowsteal  +   784d ago
Mobile? Gtfo. Those aren't games. The "BEST" mobile games lack any depth. And if they do touch-screen only. No "gamer" enjoys touch-screen only controls.
itBourne  +   784d ago
Xbox has exclusives? Wasnt aware Microsoft even owned 1st party studios.
Wii-U, hmm yah I played every game Nintendo makes 16 times by now, because they have rehashed the same shit for 15 years.
I have handhelds, love me some Paptapon and Professor Leyton, but for money sake, im not running out to get a Vita or 3DS.
FanboyCrusher  +   784d ago
Can you dumb fanboys stop replying to me now? I get it, you're butt hurt that somebody would have the audacity to play on more than one console. Get over yourself morons. Keep thinking one console is "the full experience" the real gamers will be laughing at you. Like myself.

Did you even watch E3 you ignorant sac of crap? If all you can do is troll go back to you're bridge and walk off of it.
Hicken  +   783d ago
Good luck keeping those bubbles, Fanboy.

There IS reasoning behind the PS+PC combo being preferred(and a Nintendo console, generally as a secondary).

At least with this past generation- and it seems to be repeating with the next one- Sony provided the most diverse library of exclusives; meanwhile, PC tended to have the best versions of multiplats. Online play was also free(that has changed), and PS+ provided an amazing optional value(that has not) that, frankly, XBL could not match. The Wii made for a good secondary console, where only Nintendo's games(and a smattering of standout third party titles) really shined.

Some of these things may change for the next generation, but it doesn't seem likely that much will.

There are many reasons people may choose a particular combination, such as just not preferring PS games over MS games, or not having the money or time for every console and its games.

People not buying every console doesn't mean they're fanboys.

You responding the way you did, though, shows you to be a bit more "butthurt" than those who replied to you.
fsfsxii  +   783d ago
Oh, well, we now know who's butthurt
Agent_hitman  +   784d ago
Well I can't skip next gen ps4 cause I will buy FF15 for sure..
Wizziokid  +   784d ago
Well here's my reasons not to miss next gen this year.

Kilzone SF
Whatch Dogs (better than current gen version)
Battlefield 4 (better than current gen version)
AC4 (better than current gen version)
Drive Club
Planetside 2

The only games worth stick around for on that list (for me) are GTA V and Beyond: Two Souls however since they are before the launch of the PS4/X1 It makes no difference.+
CalvinKlein  +   784d ago
I really want some of those games but I will probably wait a few months to get my ps4. I havent reserved mine yet so I will have to wait regardless. I will get one by the time infamous comes out tho as thats the game I want the most. Hope to get some of the games on your list at a discount by the time I get one. AC and watchdogs are likely to have sales shortly after launch.

Ill get ps3 and vita games for this year like killzone vita, darksouls 2, castlevania LOS 2, and GTA 5(maybe wait for ps4 version tho)
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GrumpyOla  +   784d ago
Best reason to skip is if you can't/ shouldn't afford it.
Stoppokingme  +   784d ago
I'm going to get full value out of this gen before I switch.

There are a few games still coming, and there are a few games I've yet to play.

I'll probably wait until the after christmas sales to go PS4. That's the best time to buy games.
medman  +   783d ago
I'm going to get full value out of this gen and next gen. I'll still be playing my PS3/360, but my PS4 is preordered and I look forward to getting my hands around that DS4 and doing some damage day one in Killzone, Battlefield, Watch Dogs, and downloading the free psplus edition of DriveClub. Infamous Second Son in January? Count me in. I'll be in gaming heaven.
iMaim  +   784d ago
None of the launch titles excite me thus far.
I'll pick one up the moment FFXV become available though.
elda  +   784d ago
I'm definitely holding on to my PS3 well into next year there are so many games I'm playing & more to come including now the new R&C:N,I will purchase a PS4 around tax time to play exclusive games,the future multi plat games will be on current & next gen & there are only 1 or 2 that I'm interested in.
Master-H  +   784d ago
My Reasons to skip until next year : GTA V , Dark Souls II
InTheLab  +   784d ago
Yeah...still gonna buy games for this gen but that's no reason to wait for next gen.

If you can't afford it, wait. I can so I'm all in on PS4..
SpecialK  +   784d ago
I'm going to wait it out a while.

I got a ps3 at launch. Both the ps3 and 360 were pretty loud, just didn't come with enough HDD space in the long run and took a while to hit their strides.

I'm gonna wait a year at least, hope my PC keeps up. Then I'll decide to either upgrade the PC or go for a PS4. Or both if possible.

At the very least, I want to wait to check these things are reliable.
LiarasBoobs  +   784d ago
Same here. My thinking exactly.
Foxhound922  +   784d ago
Well if everyone is waiting, then more for me then =p
LiarasBoobs  +   784d ago
You can add Destiny to this list - PS3 and XB360.
RockmanII7  +   784d ago
You're paying the most amount of money anyone will pay for the smallest library of games the system will ever see, and since very game just came out everything will still be expensive. You'll have to worry about early hardware problems (RRoD, YLoD), you'll have to wait while everyone you played with last gen makes the jump. I know why you'd buy a next gen system day 1, but I wouldn't when I can wait a little while hopefully get a cheaper and better product.
Oschino1907  +   783d ago
Majority of my online friends have the PS4 preordered already or plan to get within the first few months when they can afford it or get help from friends/family to buy giftcards, games and accessories for them for Christmas when they buy the system.

I got a few friends PS+ for christmas last year or right after as a gift, they will have online for a month or two before needing to pay again. We all have atleast 1-2 games for sure that each other is getting day 1 so plenty of friends to play with.

I don't think either system will have as much of the issues that early last gen had. Both look to be designed to not have those kind of problems and I have a few friends who still play their Fat PS3s without issue, a few minor repairs over the yrs but no YLOD.

You sound like someone who prefers to play backlog games and usually used ones at that... Obviously the PS4 isn't going for your demographic until sometime in 2015. Have fun waiting for that, I will be enjoying both PS3 (2) and PS4 (1) along with all the great games released for both. In 2015 I will get a PS4 with you, so I can have a bigger HD and possibly lower price/better bundle. Two PS4s is always better then one, friends need to enjoy it also.

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