Ten reasons to skip next-gen consoles this year

As many of us have learned the hard way, launch console hardware tends to be riddled with issues, and as we saw at the start of the current generation, many of the so-called next-gen games at launch were just older games with a lick of HD paint.

While these are both valid reasons to reconsidering picking up an Xbox One or Playstation 4 at launch, there is one much bigger reason to put off your purchase until next-year.

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Stuart57561619d ago

I dare say that this was a thought of mine even before I read this article, except the 'this year' part becomes 'a year'. A lot of those games in the article will be bought by me, and I already have a few games that haven't been completed yet, perhaps I'll let the first wave of next gen through and the buy a PS4 next spring/summer. But that does mean waiting until next spring/summer! Infamous Second Son looks too good to wait for! Aaaarrgggghhhhhh.

HundredProofSam1619d ago

Infamous Second Son does look great, but it isn't a launch title. Spring/Summer 2014 I think, so it suits your plan perfectly.

RedHawkX1618d ago

dude infamous second son comes out in january or febuary lol thats what the devs said and it makes sense because thats when people get there tax returns money in. people will be wanting new games early next year because all these launch titles that will sell like hotcakes will be beaten by them by then.

AliTheSnake11618d ago

I'm getting mine next summer.
I gotta catch up with games on ps3.
By then They'll fix any bug they find in hardware or firmware, and hopefully have a 1TB console.And games would be a bit cheaper.

Mainman1618d ago

Yeah, you are not gonna want to buy BF4 on current gen console's. The 64 player thing is kind of a big deal in my opinion.

die_fiend1618d ago

1 reason to skip them is if you hate amazing graphics

RedHawkX1618d ago

you shouldnt skip the ps4 but you should skip the xbox one and wait for a price drop because it costs to much and not that many people are gonna get that console because its shipping less units. it just make sense to get a console with a low install base like the xbox one will have. you get the console that everyone is gonna have first so you can actually have people to play against in online matches and a big communnity.

GribbleGrunger1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Why are we getting these articles all of a sudden? It's been the same for ALL Sony gaming platforms including the PSP ... You know, the ten year promise. Every console/handheld gets supported even after the new console/handheld releases. I don't see why it should be related to the X1 either.

Mounce1618d ago

I'll give you V reasons to not skip this generation.

Fuckin' Metal Gear Solid V

and if GTAV goes PS4/X1, I'd rather play it on them than on my laptop or PS3.

1618d ago
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Pillsbury11618d ago

Biggest reason is there are still so many games coming to ps3, GTA 5 and beyond to name a few.

die_fiend1618d ago

You've named a couple, not a few

Hicken1618d ago

It's far less than many, and even less than some, so it IS a few.

monkey6021618d ago

South Park stick of truth

Baba19061618d ago

never skip neveeeeeer!!! =D cant wait.

Gamers_United1618d ago

I will skip PS4 anyday no loss really

theWB271618d ago

GTA 5 is pretty much the only reason. MAYBE Splinter cell. I always prefer to have the extra lick of power the next console offers during the transitional period.

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The story is too old to be commented.