Dragon's Dogma Quest Abandons Vita Exclusivity For iOS Port

"Who says that Vita gets too many mobile ports, eh? Capcom is ready to turn the tide, making it the phones that are getting Vita ports, as the company has revealed that its 2D Dragon's Dogma spinoff is moving from PSV-only to also appearing on iOS." -GR

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Cam9771716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

It just shows that this is another ****** Vita title that developers have just rushed to get out on the market which has been designed for IOS. I wish developers would take the Vita seriously! It sickens me! What is this, 2D? That's atrocious for a system as powerful as the Vita.

But hey, it doesn't surprise me that they pull this BS. If you want to pull the casual market you'll have to actually put some effort in to achieve that goal, until then, however, we'll see more of this BS.

I wish the Vita was taken seriously, I love mine but the way it's handled it atrocious. Why couldn't this be a fully 3D DD game?

die_fiend1716d ago

Have u heard it's not selling all that great? And have you heard that it costs money to make a game? And have you heard that Apple products sell like hotcakes?

Put those together and you'll realise the issues are actually greater than your own wish that it was exclusive...

justastranger101716d ago

There are 500 million ios users and like 1 million vita owners. Think.

Snookies121716d ago

@justastranger10 - Pretty sure it's over 5 million for Vita at this point.

xxPillsxx1716d ago

@Cam977 I know how you feel man...

tubers1716d ago

Because Nintendo will bitch slap Capcom if they release a seemingly superior portable hunting experience on the VITA.

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Fishy Fingers1716d ago

Let's be honest there's a LOT more iOS devices out there than there are Vitas. Can't really blame them for trying to expand the audience quite so dramatically.

da_2pacalypse1716d ago

Niche. This is a good word.

dredgewalker1716d ago

I guess this is coming to Android too then.

Agent_hitman1716d ago

Goodluck playing that only using touch screen lol

knifefight1716d ago

2D card battles shouldn't be too hard to pull off. It's not like you need camera rotation or analog sticks for this game.

I think you're confusing it with the original Dragon's Dogma. This is a spinoff.

tubers1716d ago

Non-action based RPGS and turn based battles would significantly amplify good experience with buttons?

Talk about desperate.

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The story is too old to be commented.