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The Last of Us is a sobering conclusion to Naughty Dog’s relationship with the PlayStation 3. It is the studio’s finest game to date, marrying gameplay and fiction better than any of the Uncharted games. It’s sometimes haunting, sometimes beautiful, but more than anything else it feels real, and both you and Joel are very much vulnerable to it.

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Walker1777d ago

Another perfect score in Metacritic ! wow

BullyMangler1777d ago

be careful with the scores given to games now adays as gaming scores mean nothing compared to 10 years ago . . .

The Last Of Us for exampLe has silly A.I., and repetitive generic unnecessarities along with purposely wonky aiming = not perfect score .

also The Last Of Us brings nothing game-CHANGING to gaming . . they are all just super excited by the story /:

Lovable1777d ago

Well someone's not happy.

Anyway, hands down the greatest game this gen. Nothing and I mean nothing can touch this.

itBourne1777d ago

Its a story that was done in a way that no other medium can do, and no video game has done up to this point. Literally an experience like I have never experienced before.

So if thats not game-changing then idk what is my good sir.

CommonSense1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Thank you! It's about time i see someone else on N4G call this game out for what it actually is. A very average, overrated game.

I'm actually shocked i still have 5 bubbles after speaking the truth about TLoU.

Bathyj1776d ago

let me guess. you were shooting at the side of a barn but kept missing?

showtimefolks1776d ago


people like you are stupid, when you find nothing wrong with the game you bash it for unknown reasons

i doubt you even have a ps3 so you play the last of us is out of question

its funny whoever said anything positive about the game or review score got stealth xbox defense force disagrees

snipab8t1776d ago


Um you're kidding right? GTA V will destroy this if it is half as good as it looks.

McScroggz1776d ago

A game must be pretty great for this "repetitive generic unnecessarities" to be a criticism...whatever the hell it is criticizing.

Also, in my opinion, those that criticize TLOU's AI need to actually compare it to every other game ever made and not some magical game where the AI was perfect. Ok, occasionally a character will get in your way and your companions don't break stealth. Other than that, the AI is not only near flawless but incredible.

I was playing the game on Survivor, and after killing a couple people I noticed a guy with a shotgun running to my left. I moved to ambush him through the nearest entrance to my left only to find he circled a fairly long way around and got behind me and killed me. If this is the sign of bad AI, then I need to know where all these other games with better AI are so I can play them...

badz1491776d ago

and the milking of Mario is the best thing ever, right? STFU TROLL!

Lovable1776d ago

Nope not kidding.

GTA games bore me to sleep. Only good for 15 minutes of gameplay with cheat and you never touch it again. It is the most overrated game this gen.

1776d ago
Valkyre1776d ago

the epitome of butthurt...

also, for future reference, stop posting your personal opinion as a universal FACT.


itBourne1776d ago

I think GTA is overrated too, I bought into the hype to many times, not this time, no GTA for me. For them spending 5 years on games you would think they could make a compelling open world game that I actually want to play for more then 3 or 4 hours.

Ezz20131776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )


destroy it in what ?!
story/Gameplay/Acting/GFX/Ani mation/sound
the last of us is pure gold in all of the above

the only area i can think of that GTA will beat TLOU in
is being open world game

it's not 2008 any more
GOTY this year will go to the game that do deserve it
and right almost impossible to dethrone TLOU

we will see

P_Bomb1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Thunderbolt has generally trashed PS3 exclusives in their reviews, stop trying to move the goal posts the one time they're actually happy.

'Unnecessarities' isn't even a word btw. The noun forms for the adjective 'unnecessary' are 'unnecessaries' and 'unnecessariness'. Some of you guys are trying waaaaaaaaaaay too hard here.

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Riderz13371777d ago

41 perfect scores...WOOOOW

CommonSense1776d ago

Bit late on the pointless review.

Valkyre1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Lots of MS butthurt folks around here.

They have forgotten what "exclusive" actually means by now anyway.