Next-Generation Graphics: It's All in the Details

USgamer: "Screenshots and grainy YouTube videos don't paint the best picture of some great-looking games."

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hOoDnErD1716d ago

I can defiantly agree with this article...Videos and screenshots don't do a lot of these games justice!

GuyThatPlaysGames1715d ago

Graphics only do so much. If the gameplay isn't there then you're just wasting your time.

FanboyCrusher1716d ago

Graphics are nice but I want to see gameplay take point. Too many bug riddled games this generation. Attention to functionality and aesthetics will be more important than realism through graphics.

anticlimax1715d ago

I agree, but the kind of graphical improvements talked about in the article are in fact a welcome change to the kind of 'better textures, more polygons'-thinking. It's less about photorealism and more about immersion.

The fact that the landscape changes because of how you play, for example, would be both in terms of graphics and gameplay a great achievement.

FanboyCrusher1715d ago

Environment reacting to player input is always welcome, the depth of immersion can be ten fold from that simple addition.

sly-Famous1716d ago

Im all for great looking graphics but I am more for great gameplay and I just hope that the gameplay on the PS4 lives up to the standard set by the PS3 and that Sony's devs dont get sucked into creating graphical marvels but the game lacks in gameplay.

Bottom line, great gameplay will always trump great graphics.

RevXM1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

There is only a very few games that doesnt have a certain balance of gameplay and polygons.

I think "graphics" and gameplay is way more tied in to eachother than some think.
One augments the other.
Games are prolly going to evolve to be more interactive and immersive through this coming gen due to more capable engines and graphics. We are seeing a lot less corridor style games and most of them doesnt look nearly as canny compared to linear games vs a lot of open games on PS360.