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What Does "Final Fantasy" Mean to You?

USgamer: "We look back in series history and see how we ended up with an action RPG as the franchise's latest." (Culture, Final Fantasy)

miyamoto  +   601d ago
Give FF A Long Rest and dream it all up again
SE is in a creative rut.

it means Square Enix is still on M$ payroll and nothing has changed

FF VI and FF VII are the peak of FF
after that its Style over Substance

FFVI actually had lovable "mature" characters set in a grand epic story like Lord of the Rings.

The limitations of 16 bit SNES left a lot to my imagination yet Edgar, Sabin, Cyan, Locke, Setzer et al were presented in a "mature" manner

I think real men who have strong humane principles should make FF like of older days. Couple that with great art style then FF will be great again.

Nomura is a great artist with great style and he was very effective when he worked with the fathers of FF.

Look at those faces they all look the same like Akira Toriyama's style.
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kalkano  +   600d ago
I'm going with "beautiful nightmare". It may be a good game, in general. But it will not be Final Fantasy.

Until the series returns to the gameplay of 1-10, I'm out.

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