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Snookies121781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Wow.... That means a lot coming from Kojima... Rockstar has outdone themselves it seems with GTA V. That said, I'm looking forward to both GTA and MGS V. I will buy them both on launch, no doubt.

rezzah1781d ago

It doesn't matter what they say, both games will be purchased.

These two games are epic.

Awesome_Gamer1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

I've always been a fan of this guy. So humble..

ape0071781d ago

both are LEGENDS, two of the greatest games, i prefer gta but mgs is one of my fav games, just a little step under gta

i'll never forget MGS 2 and GTA 3 days, San Andreas and MGS 3 days and MGS 4 and GTA IV days

can't wait for GTA V and MGS V

refocusedman1781d ago

I have Nothing but respect for Hideo. It takes a big man to state that someone elses product is better. He never said that MGS V wont be epic, he just thinks that GTA V will be better. Alhough it is like comparing apples and oranges, at the end of the day it shows that he is still a fan.

JonnyBigBoss1781d ago

This 1000x.

Meanwhile, Peter Molyneux is somewhere making promises about how revolutionary the next Fable will be.

ZodTheRipper1781d ago

Can't believe you got disagrees for that. We need more developers like Kojima that have respect for each other and not people like Molyneux that just hype their product. If your product is good, hype comes by itself.

j-blaze1781d ago

Naughty Dog need to learn from this man

Pancit_Canton1781d ago

As far as open world games - GTAV wins

In terms of Graphics and Story - MGSV Wins

Gameplay - Tie

Overall - Gamers Wins

omi25p1781d ago

Story i think is a tie. While gameplay GTA V wins simply because there is such a vast array of things to do and all those things look to be designed with such attention to detail.

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Braid1781d ago

Hey omi,

"Story is a tie"

Didn't you just wrote "I lost track of who's who in MGS" in an above comment?

I don't mean to disrespect your opinion, but if you don't have a good grasp of the characters (and thus the story arc), how do you make a comparison? I agree that there are too many characters and that there is a convoluted relation between them going on, but that's just the beauty of it and why we love MGS games.

The story of MGS is one of the best stories in the gaming history if not (arguably) the absolute best. It's just in another league while GTA had always been gameplay centric. I don't even think they are comparable in terms of storytelling.

BillytheBarbarian1781d ago

Maybe he's hinting at mgs is going to be open world

Pancit_Canton1781d ago

It is an open world similar to red dead redemption.

BillytheBarbarian1781d ago

Nice. Wonder how much stealth will be involved or will they throw that out the window.

Transporter471781d ago


You really need to go look at the new trailer released at E3

Sono4211781d ago

Or just check out the article... they posted the trailer in it.

EdoubleD1781d ago

Watch the trailer man, the stealth is still there in all it's glory.

omi25p1781d ago

Watch the trailer from Microsofts e3 conference. It looks incredible.

SnotyTheRocket1781d ago

Its open world stealth. Remember the OGRE thing Kojima was working on, Open Ground (i forget the rest). MGS5 is Project OGRE. It's open world.

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