Simon Roth lets us in on his Steam Greenlight campaign for Maia

Precisely one week ago sci-fi god game Maia landed on Greenlight with a new video and quite a bit of information and since then Simon Roth, the main developer, has been frequently releasing updates about how the campaign is going and he has been showing how Steam presents all of the numbers and figures to the developer. Today, on Reddit /r/gamedev, a sub reddit all about game development and everything relating to it, Roth has given insight into the Greenlight campaign and shared a lot of information about in order to show other developers how it works.

In this post Roth shows his stats in order to show exactly how the campaign was going each day and then he shared some vital information about what was going on that day, what he had done to promote the Greenlight campaign, and how that all correlates. He did this for each of the last seven days since the campaign started and he with all of that information he shows how vital talking to press is, interacting with communities, and....

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