Five Games That Were Overrated

Here are five games that, in the author's opinion , garnered way too much praise.

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Thatguy-3101596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

As an uncharted fan I have to admit that Uncharted 3 was a bit overrated. The team behind The Last of Us played a big role in Uncharted 2 and its evident how greatly it affected the series as they were busy creating the masterpiece of the game. Hopefully they do go back and play a big role in Uncharted 4 because I'm still craving for an installment better than Among Thieves. I'm surprise that GTA IV isn't on the list. In no way does that game deserve a 98 on metacritic. That alone just prove how it got an easy slide just for the brand name.

Derekvinyard131596d ago

Uncharted 3 is nowhere near as good as number 2, number 2 really set the bar high

ZBlacktt1595d ago

and that's why it won Game of the Year in 2009. Still one of my all time favorite games.

thorstein1593d ago

Hipster: I will write an article about great games and claim how overhyped they are because that will make it seem like I am "in the know" about gaming and gaming culture.

Mr_Nuts1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

*** The team behind The Last of Us played a big role in Uncharted 2 and its evident how greatly it affected the series as they were busy creating the masterpiece of the game ***

I don't think thats true. Sony only spilt the team into two once Uncharted 3 began production. I think they even hired more people for the second team when they expanded so I don't think many people from the Uncharted team were on the Last of Us team. I think they are still all together because I know for a fact the creative director on that team is Amy Hennig.

The way I see it is that they spent too much time on Nathan and Sully's that would be grand if there wasn't many other characters in the game but because you had Chloe, Elena, Cutter and Marlowe, you didn't feel like they gave each character enough time. I feel like they should of replaced Chloe with Elena and didn't make it so her and Drake broke up but were working together and they manage to get into Yemen because of Elena's "contacts" not Elena can see even now your trimming the fat off the characters and focusing more on the Sully and Nate relationship. That whole cutscene of Nathan and Elena finally meeting each other while they get off the plane...all of that during the time that took place could of been replaced with another flashback or a Nathan/Sully moment but that could only happen if they had cut Chloe out of the picture. It just felt she was there for fan service then what the story needed. Once they got to Yemen it would just be Nathan and Sully since Elena would arranged her contact to meet Drake while she would stay with Cutter. This means that when we get to Yemen it's just Sully and Drake and the story can focus on those two without having distractions

I really wanted to find out some of the missing gaps on Drakes and Elenas relationship but I guess that can be saved for Uncharted 4. I really hope Sully takes a back seat and you see Nathan and Elena going off on an adventure together from the start where all the flashbacks are what happened since the end of Drakes Fortine and what their wedding was like...maybe how she knows Cutter for example

Besides I think another main problem was they spent too much time on the multiplayer. In Uncharted 2 they just threw it in was simple and because of this it became popular. No loadouts, no upgradable over powered perks, no weapon mods, it was very balanced pre the 1.5 update. Then Uncharted 3 comes along with all this "every other multiplayer" changes and it just ruined it. The only main thing which should of been focused on in the online was the customization and even weapon customization but instead of weapon mods you had design parts to make your guns look unique.

SCW19821595d ago

I am sorry but you are mistaken. Neil Druckman and Bruce Straley were vital to Uncharted 2's success and after that game finished they went to work on The Last of Us.

pr0t0typeknuckles1595d ago

I know this guy is gonna get a lot if hate just for the picture alone but,i agree with him when he said uncharted 3 is overrated,it just wasnt as good as two,and the multiplayer wasnt as good as 2 either,now thats not to say hey uncharted 3 was a bad game,but its just saying that uncharted 2 was very good, and 3 had a tough act to follow.

kalkano1595d ago

Skyrim is not overrated. It's the greatest RPG ever created. Is it perfect? No. No game ever will be. Perfection is an impossibility.

SlapHappyJesus1595d ago

Perhaps to you . . .
But, if you really critique Skyrim, it is a rather crap game.

ZBlacktt1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Same applies to you as well.

I loved Skyrim. In fact, I plated that game in 19 days of it's release. I didn't need a patch either ( PS3 ).

SlapHappyJesus1595d ago

Not quite.
I can sit here and criticize the game until my fingers hurt. People will still enjoy the game . . . and they do.
With that, that does not mean I can't actually provide reasons as to why the game is very, very weak in many areas and is actually poorly designed.

ZBlacktt1595d ago

I guess that's why it won Game of the Year. Even with it's issues. But yes, on the opinion side. Anybody can say and feel as they like.

SlapHappyJesus1595d ago

Poor writing, repetitious level design, weightless first-person melee combat of which is some of the worst I have personally experienced, scaled enemies and loot in order to bypass actually balancing the game, writing an algorithm for the majority of your missions instead of actually designing them . . . at times resulting in hilarious situations such as fighting bears inside houses homed in walled cities, a leveling system that basically promotes leveling skills you have no interest in just to power-level your character and those you do (because yeah).
All topped with the fact that it, even to this day, is a horrendously buggy game, of which no "I had no issues" statement can deflect.
Yeah. I really have no idea what journalists were thinking. The game I have just described deserves no such praise, no matter what pros it may possess.
But, hey, that's just me talking.

ZBlacktt1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Spike Awards ( or VGA ) - Skyrim - Game of the year/Best RPG

X-Play's Best of 2011 - Skyrim - Game of the year

Machinima's inside Gaming - Skyrim - Game of the year

IGN - Skyrim - Game of the year

Gamespot - Skyrim - Game of the year/ Best RPG

TGN - Skyrim - Game of the year

Games Radar - Skyrim - Readers Choice award

Gamespy - Skyrim - Game of the year'

1UP - Skyrim - Game of the year / Editors choice

Game informer - Skyrim - Game of the year

Joystiq - Skyrim - Game of the year

Giant Bomb - Skyrim - Game of the year

Gamefront - Skyrim - Game of the year / Reader's choice award

UGO - Skyrim - Game of the year

OXM - Skyrim - Game of the year

Kotaku — Skyrim - Winner of the First Annual Kotaku Community Game of the Year Award!

Team Xbox — Skyrim - Game of the Year

GameTrailers — Skyrim - Best Soundtrack

USA Today Game Hunters — Skyrim - #1 Game of the Year

Yahoo! — Skyrim - Best Role-Playing Game

Electric Playground - Skyrim - Best Role-Playing Game

Split Screen — Skyrim - Game of the Year

New York Daily News - Skyrim - Best game of 2011

Gamingbolt - Skyrim - Game of the year / Most " value for money "

RipTen - Skyrim - Game of the year

PlanetXbox - Skyrim - Game of the year / Best Xbox 360 game

Game revolution - Skyrim - Game of the year

Destructoid - Skyrim - Reader's Choice

Skyrim crowned Ultimate Game of the Year, full list of winners revealed at 30th hmv GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards

ULTIMATE GAME OF THE YEAR in association with GamesMaster: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Game Developers Choice Awards - Game of the Year: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

SlapHappyJesus1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

And I still find it both sad and laughable. I hold to my last post.
I am more than aware of the awards the game garnered. My last post was my listing all of the flaws I find with the game. Throwing around awards I've already stated I feel it doesn't deserve, and why, doesn't hinder the post in anyway.
Either debate me on the points made, or we just end the discussion here.

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Walker1595d ago

dafauq ?!

Trolling article ! Uncharted 3, Skyrim and MGS3 ??! REALLY ?!!

BullyMangler1595d ago

The Last Of Us = waiiy overRated

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