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Submitted by doctorstrange 945d ago | opinion piece

Why the Games Industry Needs to Ignore the Mainstream

On today’s Daily Reaction, Seb and Dan discuss the controversial issue of the games industry constantly trying to be accepted by the mainstream media, and whether this desire is a good thing or a bad thing. - PSLS (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360)

Foolsjoker  +   945d ago
I agree, the games industry needs to maintain their own course if they want to pave a way for themselves.
TrendyGamers  +   945d ago
You're saying they shouldn't go to...Uncharted territory?
cyguration  +   945d ago
They just need to ensure that The Last of Us core gamers aren't being tossed AAA scraps and 4-hour Michael Bay 'splosion fests.
knifefight  +   945d ago
I hope people don't Fallout of love with gaming.
ftwrthtx  +   945d ago
With the MSM (Mainstream Media) being politically biased on just about everything, why should we as gamers care what they think?
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doctorstrange  +   945d ago
Microsoft Messenger?
Foolsjoker  +   945d ago
Because there are too many sheeple out there who do listen to the MSM.
dbjj12088  +   945d ago
I think the industry's definition of "mainstream" is the problem.
Jagsrock  +   945d ago
Ideally they would but it won't happen. We are a minority despiste are love for the games same way true music and film lovers are minorities in their respective industries.
NatureOfLogic  +   945d ago
Everyone was chasing COD and Wii casual numbers this gen. That's why we have so many fast-paced shooters and motion controls this gen. This was hands down the worst gen when It comes to originality and diversity. Everyone trying to capitalize on someones else ideal. This is not new or exclusive to this gen, but there were definitely more fails this gen than any other when devs attempted this. Copying ideals in the gaming industry usually lead to better games, but that wasn't the case this gen. Devs automatically assumed that gamers wanted fast-paced action games because of call of duty. You know it's sad when COD is inspiration for an RPGs gameplay (Final Fantasy XIII). Motion controls(Wii) was a casual fad that is now dying out. MS and Sony was late to the party. I think Sony realises this, while MS is still trying desperately to push kinect to get Wii like casual numbers.
kalkano  +   945d ago
Well said. Let's get you that 5th bubble back. ;)
Hicken  +   945d ago
ALSO catering to that crowd isn't a bad thing. I don't have a problem with that at all.

But too many companies tried making it the focus of their efforts. And I feel like the only company that hasn't yet realized what a mistake that is is Microsoft.

There's a guy I work with who was, just a few weeks ago, all geared up for a PS4. He saw both reveals, and both E3 conferences, and was ready to give his money to Sony. Then a friend of his put a bug in his ear about the XBOne, and now he's changed his mind completely. Yet whenever I bring up the lack of focus on the actual gaming market, he tries to gloss over it as if it doesn't matter.

But it does. We core gamers are the most important group. We're the ones who buy the consoles first. We keep sales going when there's no outside interest. We're the ones that give new ideas a shot.

We MADE gaming.

As soon as these companies forget that, they can only go downhiil. I'd much rather they remember, but if they're going down, I'd prefer they do it alone, not taking anybody else with em.
MikeMyers  +   945d ago
"We MADE gaming."

That's laughable. If it is all about the games then why do you never actually talk about Xbox One games?

"He saw both reveals, and both E3 conferences, and was ready to give his money to Sony. Then a friend of his put a bug in his ear about the XBOne, and now he's changed his mind completely. Yet whenever I bring up the lack of focus on the actual gaming market, he tries to gloss over it as if it doesn't matter."

Most likely because Microsoft showed games. What a concept! Every generation starts from zero and all of that baggage you carry around is your own. Microsoft has more games in development now than at any time in the Xbox history. They showed a lot of games at E3. So if this industry was created by people like you then why is it people like you rarely actually talk about the games and instead promote console wars?
fardan85  +   945d ago
Gaming industry should ignore the mainstream, sooner or later, changes will happen, more people will become gamers.
lots of gamers grew up, above 30 with spouse, kids, yet they still enjoy games & it's their main choice for entertainment.
At least from what I see from the people around me, and news I read about average age of gamers.
Those gamers are teaching their kids to play, enjoy games. The kids will introduce the games to other kids.
The gaming community will grow bigger over time.
The industry will be healthier as the time passes by. It seems like the industry is self regulating.
It's our job to support the developers by buying their games, not every game released but at least the game we like and we think it deserves to lives. Developers and publishers should exercise a better control on their projects, we don't need over budgeting for games, or high expectations. Certain games will be generate high sales and some will not. Not every game will generate COD sales "yes I'm talking to you Capcom & EA". Developers should try to make the best game possible and make it unique. You can just look at The Last of Us sales, you will know that gamers are looking for great experiences, they are not looking for just another game to play.

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