Second major Wii U update given new release window

During the January Nintendo Direct, it was announced that two major updates were planned for Wii U. The first arrived on schedule, having launched in April.

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BullyMangler1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )


gamer421803d ago

So it's more of a Fall update now...
oh well as long as it improves the system I'll be pleased

PopRocks3591803d ago

Eh. Well, if it improves the system I can stand to wait an extra month. By then I'll be playing Pikmin 3, so I'm good.

LOL_WUT1803d ago

I hope they fix the disc from spinning when not in use it's annoying as hell. Such archaic thinking when developing the console the 360 nor the ps3 do this... I shouldn't have to remove the disc every time ;)

ChickeyCantor1803d ago

Why not just unplug it and throw it out of the window? Next thing you complain about is the the color of the LED on the front.

Xof1803d ago

I'd rather see FFVI and Breath of Fire 2.