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Grand Theft Auto: The games ranked best to worst

Ninemsn games ranks the GTA games from best to worst. (Culture)

Timesplitter14  +   661d ago
Vice City was my fav GTA city
Transporter47  +   661d ago
Same here.
SirKilla  +   661d ago
Totally agree. Game play, map, dash board, the way the cars handle... So much better than the last one.
My vice city is so scratched up from playing it.
HebrewHammer  +   661d ago

Is it just me, or does GTAIV not deserve to be in the top 3.
SirKilla  +   661d ago
I've been getting rip on for that type of talk but I would have to agree with you.
I think all my disagrees are from angry rockstar programmers.
MadMen  +   661d ago
Vice City hands down, shut your face dont speak.

burndogy  +   661d ago
Tommy Vercetti for life
Master-H  +   661d ago
Vice City was the most memorable and pure fun one ,with crazy missions, that Huge boob on the sky scarper mission alone makes it automatically win lol
Sand Andreas had the most replay value though no doubt ,it was huge, i always get lost in the world ,with over 200 story missions.
The ballad of gay tony felt more fun than IV imo ,shame it was shorter.
the GTA games set in new york always feel less fun to me than the other ones for some reason.
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adorie  +   661d ago
Because New York is tons of skyscrapers, concrete buildings everywhere. I've been around there and where it gets interesting is when you go more north, towards the Canadian border, but that's just from my experience.
Benchm4rk  +   661d ago
I'm still blown away by the leap from GTA2 to GTA3. GTA3 blew me away when it first came out. Vice city is probably the one I played the most and in my opinion had the best story. San Andreas though is by far the best when you take into account the features and vehicles you could control. Flying that harrier jet was always fun. GTA4 to me was a step back from San Andreas. To me GTA4 is to this gen what GTA 3 was to last gen. With GTA3 they laid the foundation developed the engine and so on. Vice City introduced some new stuff and was a really good story and then San Andreas they just went all out and put everything into it. GTA5 is this gens San Andreas.
Matt666  +   661d ago
this is my order of preference, GTA:SA, GTA:VC, GTA:VCS, GTA:LCS, GTA:3, GTA:2, GTA:4, GTA:London, GTA
anticlimax  +   661d ago
I may be getting old but I had more fun with GTA and especially GTA2 than with any GTA-game since. Sure the newer ones are better games, with better stories, etc. But placing DLC above these classics? They didn't even include the GTA London expansion.

Perhaps to today's gamer all these handheld-games and GTAIV are a better experience than the classics, but in '99 GTA2 was a lot more fun than GTA4 was in 2008.
Harmonizer  +   660d ago
San Andreas = Vice City > everything else

IMO Gay Tony was far better than GTA 4 itself.

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