Sony: “Physical Games Will Be Around A Lot Longer”

“Physical games will be around a lot longer than some people think,” according to Sony’s SVP of PlayStation brand marketing, Guy Longworth.

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Tony-A1748d ago

I will always find it more exciting to actually go out and purchase a physical game than it would be to purchase and download a game on a digital storefront. I don't know... maybe I just like the social aspect of doing that. It feels lonely doing it digitally and I always feel like I'm doing something I shouldn't. haha

Anyway, I said that in 2009 when they said that half of video game revenue would be digital by 2012, and I say it again a year after their projections.

Kryptix1748d ago

There's also a good feeling of buying a game from the store, getting back home, popping it into your console of choice then start playing it. Like all that time getting back home to play the game feels somehow rewarding. And owning the physical copy feels like a trophy added to your other games so you can see it when you're taking out a different game. Also keeping them makes you feel like a collector, that someday these physical copies will be worth a lot of money and makes you feel rich cause you own them. I don't know, there's all kinds of benefits to owning the physical copy and I'm glad Sony knows.

TheHybrid1748d ago

I know right?? Personally, I still love riding my donkey to work

Army_of_Darkness1747d ago

you still ride your donkey?? gezz man, get a flying dragon like everybody else. Much easier to pick up your games within your village.

Inception1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Ok call me a freak, but one of the reason why i love physical games is because i can do the 'ritual' of smelling out the flavor of brand new games XD

You know, when you open the seal, open the case, smell that good flavor, and inhaled it...hmm....ahhhhhhhh....amazi ng....okay, i lost myself a bit there :P

With download games i can't do this 'ritual' XD

But i agree with Tony-A about being lonely when doing digital. And boring too when waiting the process.

nix1747d ago

@inception: hahaha... nothing beats that feeling when you unwrap the disc and smell the fresh smell of printed book inside... nothing q:

but on topic, im assuming sony is saying that because they really learnt it the hard way with PSP GO. im ok with downloading for Vita probably because they are tad smaller in size.

Plus, its fun to share discs around.

MysticStrummer1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Yeah I love the ritual of going to pick up a new game. I swing by the game store and pick it up, then roll through a fast food place and grab some fuel, usually taking off the game's shrink wrap while I'm in line and flipping though the manual. Downloads are a nice option , but a physical copy is still king.

@Hybrid - I'm sure you thought the donkey comment was clever, but it's worthless as an analogy.

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3-4-51748d ago

People like things/stuff. As long as there are physical objects outside of gaming being bought and collected, so will video games.

They are Art and collectors items to/for a lot of people so there will always be a market for it.

HammadTheBeast1748d ago

Well... true in both ways. They last longer, it's what the majority of consumers want, and they don't disappear as soon as some servers shut down.

PSjesus1748d ago

Sony did their research by digital only (PSP go) and it was a fail

papashango1748d ago

if you mean charging the same price and in some instances more than physical media. Yeah they learned that it doesn't work that way.

PSjesus1748d ago

all did this (games on Nintendo eshop even more expensive than physical and charge taxes sometimes) unlike steam,consoles digital games pricing should be accepted by retail stores to sell their physical copy otherwise they well take from the shelves

04soldier1748d ago

Games cost $60 a pop.. For that kind of money, I need to be able to hold to product in my hand and be able to resell it if I see fit to..

AusRogo1748d ago

Awesome to hear!. Though sometimes digital sales are cheaper than retail sales.. I still prefer physical but if I see something real cheap in a digital sale (like The Witcher 2 for $10) ill go for it.

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