Wii U firmware version 3.1.0 out now

Nintendo has released a new firmware update for the Wii U console.

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Flavor1445d ago

I hear it has been downloaded over six times.

e3kehoe1445d ago

Hahaha I laughed!!

Any word on if it really does anything?

Parapraxis1445d ago

"The standby functions will now regularly connect to the Internet when the Wii U is powered down to check for available SpotPass data or software and system updates

Further improvements to overall system stability and software compatibility"

Prime_281444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

You're thinking of the PS3 firmware updates, this is the Wii U.

BATRA1445d ago

just download
its fast its to fast super fast wow

Starbucks_Fan1445d ago

Well damn better clean the dust off mine.

I'm being serious btw -_-

No exclusives interest me till Pikmin 3

R00bot1445d ago

Mine's covered in dust, too. But only cause you don't need to move the console to use it. Even if I used it all day everyday it'd still have dust on it. Doesn't help that I'm not using it heaps, either...

mudmax1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

It magically repels dust when its powered on you didn't know that? I kid I kid. I try to blow the dust off mine every couple of days. Gets pretty dusty in my house.

WiiUsauce1444d ago

GET A SWIFFER DUSTER!!! All these people complaining about dust are some lazy ass mofo's. I dust off all my consoles once every 3 or 4 days. Otherwise my PS3, 360, Wii, Wii U, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast, XBOX OG, GameCube, PS2, ect,ect would all be covered in dust, regardless if I played them or not.

chente00251445d ago

no joke,things are a'lot faster!

chente00251445d ago

even the netflix app that used to take forever to start up,now starts almost instantly.

nzbleach1445d ago

Nice and smooth and quick

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