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Fireseed1504d ago

Called it! :D Haha Can't wait to see more :)

dafegamer1504d ago

lol at your disagree xD, y'all haters better be hatin

Zuperman1504d ago

Is this game like a sequel to the series or like a sub story?

There's been to many Rachet games, I'm starting to get confused lol.

dafegamer1504d ago

@zuperman gameplay wise: sequel to ACIT
story wise: a prequel of TOD

Mr_Nuts1504d ago


It's the reason I've never got into it that don't want to just start in the middle of a franchise. It's like starting from MGS4 this just wouldn't do it.

Damn I wish Jak and Daxter got this much love

extermin8or1504d ago

@zuperman: "The game will be an epilogue to Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time, according to the page." It's a sequel to ACIT both in gameplay and story...? Based after Full Frontal Assault too I'd presume.

justastranger101504d ago

Sunset overdrive is better than this rehash sequel.

abzdine1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

good it's for PS3 but i want one for PS4 as well and it looks like platforming awesomeness is back with this episode cause the last two R&C suck big time

Bluepowerzz1504d ago

LOOOOOL dafegamer ive never laughed so hard in my life.

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Aceman181504d ago

huge fan of the series even beat the last two that weren't mainline to the series, and even though they were a bit on the lacking side i still enjoyed enough.

so i'm looking forward to this game. if they bring back the feel of ToD, and ACiT then i'll be a happy camper :)

HammadTheBeast1504d ago

Hopefully it's not the Fuse team, I'm hoping those guys are working on Sunset Overdrive and the other teams working on this.

FanboyCrusher1504d ago

So in other words you would want the worse team (by your definition) working on the Xbox game due to severe butt hurt, and fanboyism? That's cute. We get it, the PS3 was your first console and you're overly defensive of it. Take a break for a while, the comment section can go without your shenanigans.

HammadTheBeast1504d ago

Actually the N64/Dreamcasts where my first consoles. My two 360's were my first consoles this Gen until RROD hit me 3 times.

GTFO pl0x.

MRMagoo1231504d ago

kinda funny the "fanboycrusher" has been doing nothing but defend MS and be an xbone fanboy.

Gamer19821504d ago

Indeed I'm sure he wants the best team of insomniac working on this as its probably one of his favourite series. Whats fanboyism about that? Absolutly nothing. It's like saying you want DICE to work on battlefield and criterion to work on Burnout rather than other divisions of EA as you know they are gonna make the best possible version.

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showtimefolks1504d ago

thank you sony/insomniac its about time

been waiting for a while for a proper ratchet and clank game

is this on ps4 only or ps4/ps3?

sherimae24131504d ago

ps3 it is ^_^
but insomniac is considering a vita version

RockmanII71504d ago

actually it's PS3 exclusive

badz1491504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

and Sony offer Cross buy with this just like Sly 4 and implement cross-save and some cool AR feature too.

I'm still kinda worried for a Vita version though as QForce looks quite bad on Vita and it seems like they rushed it out and playing QForce on Vita makes me feel dizzy! here hoping for a better Vita version if any.

showtimefolks1504d ago

its gonna be $29.99 MSRP so buying day one should be a problem for many ratchet and clank fans as long as the game delivers quality content

GT671504d ago

far as we know on both ps3/4

dcj05241503d ago

I finally bought a crack in time ( tools of destruction was the first ps3 game I bought) so I want one on the vita. That would make my day.

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Noctis1504d ago

so where's the sexual innuendo in the title this time?

1503d ago
CrimsonSquall1503d ago

Into the Nexus. Into the Nextass?

Muffins12231504d ago

Ugh another game i wont get because i don't have a ps3...why not make this for ps4 and even slaughter xbox one more lol

_FantasmA_1504d ago

Xbox Done will slaughter itself. I love it. I'm making popcorn now, who wants some?

GT671504d ago

after viewing the photo (close-up) it look like the portal from TOD ratchet traveling from one asteroid to another.

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TwistedMetal1504d ago

I can't wait this game is gonna be sick. Also 29.99. This platinum trophy will go well with my a crack in time platinum.

NonApplicable1504d ago

So Jak won't be in this game? =(

DonFreezer1504d ago

Wait so know Insomniac are back on making great games?Delusional ps fanboys you are really something.

G20WLY1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

You mean 'now', not 'know'. How can you know they're back making great games? How can anyone? Are you...trolling?! :O

We can only hope. Love the series and even enjoyed the last one, despite it being a bite-sized R&C lite.

After Fuse, they have some reputational damage to fix; what better way to do that than to get this stellar series back on track? :)

kenshiro1001504d ago

What the hell are you on...?

No one ever said Insomniac made crap games.

die_fiend1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )