Microsoft to change its Xbox Live Rewards scheme from August 2013 as Microsoft Points are phased out -- "An email sent from Microsoft today confirmed that the company will be making changes to its Xbox Live Rewards scheme. The changes are required as the current program rewards users with Microsoft Points, and those Points are being phased out so that the Xbox Live Marketplace can use real-world currency."

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NeverEnding19891775d ago

I'm happy the switch to currency has finally been made. Very conniving for Microsoft to have MS points in the first place, it really is a scheme to buy more points.

But man, I have saved so much money with MS points. Literally in the hundreds of dollars. But hey no more math now when I go to purchase.

snipab8t1775d ago

I don't understand, can you still buy money cards at stores or is it only possible to by stuff using credit card?

MajorLazer1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I assume there will be cards of different values e.g., £5, £10, £20, £40 etc.

CynicalKelly1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

You can still buy points and redeem them on Live but they are converted to real money as soon as are redeemed. I assume they will change the money cards from stores to gift cards instead of Microsoft Point cards.

JokesOnYou1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Yeah lets pay more because "conniving" Microsofts master plan has been exposed; the points system was just an evil plot to save me hundreds of dollars by making me do math.

pffft....the best thing about this site is everyone is allowed to voice there opinion on gaming news, the worst thing about this site is everyone is allowed to voice their opinion on gaming news.

theWB271775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

What? Is it a requirement to bash Microsoft on this sight? They're now conniving for literally saving you hundreds of dollars? But you're ok with losing the savings because of no more math?

I can't wrap my head around that statement. They're conniving and you're happy to not have to do simple adding and subtraction for the exchange of saving literally hundreds of dollars.

Hey I think you're shady for saving me money. How dare ye. -__-

I'd imagine the cards will still be there since they already stated the Kinect 2 will be able to scan the cards instead of us having to manually type in those long codes.

stinson_out1775d ago

That's cool. Didn't realise kinect could read cards like the Q code scanning. Be really good with buying downloadable games and dlc codes from stores. All you'd have to do is hold the card in front of the camera & bingo it will download straight away. No fuss

nukeitall1775d ago

First complain about points, but fail to realize points were actually cheaper.

Now MS fixed it, deal with it!

The unfortunate thing is, I didn't ask for it and now I have to swim in the pool the guy next to me didn't want to use, but peed in it!

snipab8t1774d ago

Hey that is great to hear because I don't have a credit card!

gamer78041774d ago

Buying points was far more cost effective. This move will result in everyone paying full retail price again instead of getting points for 2 - 5 $ off. I can't see why anyone would prefer this.

Cmk01211774d ago

i agree to a degree. but beleive this they can discount MS points they cant discount money so expect less overall sales and discounts.

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dazzrazz1775d ago

I guess there will be no sales on cards anymore ? Why they would sell you now $20 redeemable card for $15...

stinson_out1775d ago

I assume that any points you currently have and don't use get moved over to the xbox one come launch day if you were u to grab one. As your account will be switched over wouldn't it be worth holding onto the points and then spend them on the xbox one marketplace as all 360 games discs & downloaded games are not compatible with the next gen. But if a wait but worth it I would have thought.

GrumpyGamer1775d ago

an xbox live account will be an xbox live account it dosnt matter if its on 360 or x1

GunsAndTheBeast1775d ago

Points were implemented to fool customers. Some people don't bother doing the math. Another corporate move of the past. Since, they realized how stupid that was, just like region locking, they decided to change it.

Grown Folks Talk1774d ago

400 points is basically $5. How hard is that?

RiPPn1774d ago

There's a reason Microsoft didn't make a point equate to 1 penny, it's to give the illusion that you're spending less. 400 points feels less than $5 and when you scale it up to 1600 points, it seems closer to $15 than $20. Of course the math is easy, but it's still psychological trickery.

Jdoki1774d ago

I found it a little annoying that points had to be bought in blocks, and the pricing of games did not match those blocks (i.e. had to buy 1000points for an 800 point game).

It was a minor thing, it just bugged me a bit.

Tres211774d ago

@ jdoki honestly i didnt even kno u could buy 1000 points i dont kno where u were buy points from but u can buy them but they do hav options at even best buy for a 400 point card (math being 5bucks) so u could buy 2 cards not that it matters ne more