Nintendo give up online multiplayer, Please!

BG21 gives a look as to why Nintendo's online multiplayer functions for the Wii not quite up to par with their competitors. And questions whether they should continue to try and tread in Microsoft and Sony's shadow.

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wolfceek3882d ago

The online play is over rated.. People would rather have downloadable content . The wii channels work fine. I have a 360 and don't play online and sony ps2 was the worst online play ever. ps3 ,I don' know and don't care. As for the wii ,I play gh3 and there isn't a problem online. It is free. If Nintendo doesn't care about online then why does the ds have many games and voice chat without many problems.Nintendo has been online way before the wii with the ds mario ds is one of the most online played games...peace

wiizy3882d ago

why let dumb people post dumb stuff.. nintendo unlike the other systems was releasing the wii as a videogame system not a multimedia unit and its worked out well for nintendo and i think the multiplayer online games will only get better.. the wii only has 3 so far.

ChickeyCantor3882d ago

I rather have some sort of Online service then non......