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Barry Meade: Sony Knows Indies Don’t Need Consoles

“Developers now have an option that they didn’t have before. You can make serious money by never publishing a game on a console,” Meade said in an interview during Develop Conference. (Barry Meade, Dev, Industry)

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Timesplitter14  +   367d ago
But having the option to develop for consoles is definitely a great thing. Many types of games play better on consoles.

Adventure games(Zelda, SotC, journey), brawlers, co-op games, platformers, etc... are often better on consoles.

Yes, you can plug a controller in your PC, but a developper making a game for PC must take into account the fact that most people won't have a controller, so they still need to make games that play well with keyboard/mouse
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Pillsbury1  +   367d ago
Sony knows thats why they are integrating everything into one eocosystem with self publishing.
strickers  +   366d ago
He is not wrong. The benefit of console as opposed to phone etc , is you have a pure core audience. I've bought loads of disc based games but also downloaded many digital games and not just 69p ones. we will spend up to £20 for downloadable games if they are good enough.
On iPhone , I've heard 10% of devs make 90% of the money. This adds another format to sell to. I don't use Steam etc on PC( I will once I get another laptop) and I dint buy games on my Android phone. I focus on PS formats (ps3/ Vita). I spend a lot of money every year.

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