Nintendo Life: Blast Corps Review

Nintendo Life: Long before the mainstream commercialisation of video games that exists today, developers were mostly free from the shackles of big business. AAA games weren't bound by "sequelitis" — although it was still very much present — and the relative youth of 3D gaming had paved the way for innovation. In this regard, Blast Corps is quite possibly the best example of this time. Developed by Rare for Nintendo 64 in 1997, it was unlike anything that came before it, offering a novel action-puzzle experience that was incredibly good fun and extremely stressful at the same time.

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dark-kyon1836d ago

great game,simple but addictive .how missed these good time with rare and his new ip.

Fireseed1836d ago

Oh how I'd love to see a reboot of this series, seriously I played this game until I unlocked EVERYTHING!!!

generalthadeape1836d ago

This is one of my favorite games of all times. I spent countless hours driving around trying to blow EVERYTHING up on the map. The only other games I've played that made me feel so "destructive" were the Red Faction games where I would run around all over the place tearing down buildings with a sledgehammer. Great times, indeed.

Morgue1836d ago

Countless hours I spent playing that game.