Worth Playing - Oculus Rift Preview

Worth Playing - The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that provides a stereoscopic 3-D experience with a 110-degree field of view.

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Bonerboy1748d ago

Once they get this up to 1080+, I am sold. Very cool piece of tech.

NioRide1748d ago

The new models are supposed to be shipping with 1080 later this year if I remember correctly.

steve30x1748d ago

The dev kits were updated two or three weeks ago to 1080P

I will be buying this piece of kit

airshiraz1747d ago

is virtual reality really possible with this oculus rift?

gamesR4fun1747d ago

its a big step in that direction

hope they do well it could redefine gaming heck all video entertainment.

starchild1747d ago

Yes, I had the chance to try it out a while back and it really does do a convincing job of putting you inside the game. The sense of immersion and "being there" is incredible.

It stunned me, and I can't wait for the consumer model.

Clover9041747d ago

You lucky sob :)

I absolutely cannot wait for the consumer model. Did you try the old 720p kit or the 1080p one?

SonyKong641747d ago

this will change entertainment as we know it !