Watch Dogs’ Jonathan Morin Talks Hacking & Delivering New Gameplay Experiences

X360A - Ever since Watch Dogs’ E3 unveiling at last year, we’ve been pretty excited about Ubisoft Montreal’s latest title and what kind of experience it can offer us. A connected world where everything connected is hackable? Yes, please, we’ll take some of that.

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Omar911620d ago

I was honestly so excited when this game was first shown, but now I lost so much interested for some reason. Hope it turns out to be a great game though.

Pancit_Canton1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I think they overhype this game so much. The media are all over this game when it first announced. They showed this game on every convention imaginable. I've lost interest on it my self. I think i would rather get GTAV or MGSV than this.

Thehyph1620d ago

Same boat as you guys. I first heard of the game through a friend describing it to me. I thought the concept sounded great, but then when I watched it I wasn't excited anymore. I don't know why.

Maybe in perspective the game doesn't look that advanced in the 13 years since Deus Ex. Save for the graphics, of course.

BiggCMan1620d ago

This guys voice is freaking awesome, I have no idea why. Every time I see him at E3, he has this stare, combined with his voice, I laugh for some reason but it's so awesome.

ANYWAYS!! One of my most anticipated games for this year.

Phene1620d ago

I think this game is going to look phenomenal but it's going to borrow heavily from other ubisoft games & their mechanics. And after gta v gameplay trailer, I think they'll only be so much u can do in watch dogs far cry 3 got amazing reviews and it was fluid but it got boring incredibly quick for an open world game

evilhasitsway1620d ago

I just hope this isn't too much like assassin creed.

evilhasitsway1620d ago

if your playing as one person why isn't it called watch dog lol instead of dogs?

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