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PlayStation boss: Spielbergs of gaming will come from indies

GamesIndustry: "Jack Tretton sees a very bright future for the industry thanks to the growing indie scene." (Industry, Jack Tretton)

iamnsuperman  +   284d ago
I can see it. Smaller games with smaller budgets can afford to take risks in new and exciting gameplay options. Its also not just limited to gameplay. One of the best storytelling and character concept that I have experienced was from an indie game called Thomas was Alone. It made me care about simple shapes
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truthteller  +   284d ago
Everyone played Thomas was Alone. That game was good. I'm so happy Sony gives support to indies. I still can't see why so many people see that as a bad sign.
The Great Melon  +   284d ago
Just finished that game last weekend. I basically played through it in one sitting because it was so captivating. Each quadrilateral was given life through the great narration. I loved the personalities of Claire (giant blue Square), Chris (orange square), and Sarah (purple rectangle) in the game. Anyone who hasn't played it or are hesitant make sure you look for in the impending Steam sale. It's a great little gem.
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ABizzel1  +   284d ago
I'm right here, I just need a development team :D
Testfire  +   284d ago
I don't spend enough on Indy games, this next paycheck though I'm dedicating $60 to only Indy titles on PSN. There's a bunch of games I haven't played that deserve support.
truthteller  +   284d ago
ADVICE Don't waste money buying something you dislike just to support developers. It sounded like you're definitely spending 60$ on indies no matter how good they are.
clearelite  +   284d ago
He did say, "There's a bunch of games I haven't played that deserve support."
That might indicate that there may be quality indy titles he's had in mind.
....here's to hoping he really likes them :]
Testfire  +   284d ago
Thanks truthteller, but I'm the type of consumer that ALWAYS makes informed buying decisions no matter what I'm buying. The games I'm thinking of getting I've either seen gameplay or tried the demos.
nosferatuzodd  +   284d ago
yess indeed good idea i think you should try out guacamelee if you don't have it already that indie game is sick
Pancit_Canton  +   284d ago
PS1 Glory days.

Pretty much every big developers out there started as an Indie.
clearelite  +   284d ago
Thanks Jack, that gives me hope.

Hopefully the Video game industry remains the Video Game industry, maintains/rebuilds its integrity, and learns that whoring out burgeoning franchises doesn't always as well as in other industries.

@disagree: i suppose you want big publishers to ruin more franchises (RE, FF, etc.) in order to cash in on some perceived market?
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nosferatuzodd  +   284d ago
well said halo 5 6 7 oh and 8 lol
clearelite  +   284d ago
Thanks. It bothered me even more to see franchises like RE, FF, etc. try to "appeal to a wider audience", instead of just appealing to the people who have actually been buying/enjoying the series. Or even worse, copying halo 5 6 7 8 etc.

We know the dev costs were high at the beginning of this gen, but there's more to it than that. Fortunately this approach has already backfired (ME3 etc.) and they are reluctantly trying to give fans what they want. They now know that you cant just force-feed gamers garbage, or copy Call of Duty or some other magic formula and expect 10 million sales.
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darx  +   284d ago
@ Noserfozodd

You serious?
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d_dogg2007  +   284d ago
Been with Sony since the beginning! Will be with Sony till the end!! Greatest consoles ever made!
PSjesus  +   284d ago
well that's how games used to be before 1998-2000
original Sonic made by 4 people,SMB 8 people ,Crash bandicoot 30..... and most of the games never break 2 million budget the first game to cost over 90 million is Shinmue on DC
and that's why it's hard to make a new ip from Nintendo and EA and Activision stick to their popular shooters any new ip will be a huge risk
Pillsbury1  +   284d ago
Sony sure knows how to treat an indie right, wine and dine!
fpshooter2  +   284d ago
Even if your not a PlayStation fan you gotta love Sony for the indie support because it helps drives the industry.
cleft5  +   284d ago
Sony is really pushing heavy on the indie support and I definitely like it. I can't agree with it more and it really shows that Sony is in tune with the reality of who is making the most innovative games today. Really looking forward to the PS4. The PS4 really is going to be the start of the golden age of gaming for Sony.
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_LarZen_  +   284d ago
Spielberg of gaming has already come from Naughty Dog.
StinKyNuGz  +   284d ago
Feel u been with Sony from the beginning and till the end.......!!nice words bro
darx  +   284d ago
Thank goodness Sony invented indie games!
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Gamers_United  +   284d ago
Well they can't make any other decent games besides the ones I played on Ps3 the new ones are far from perfect
Gamers_United  +   284d ago
Of course it will there no more first party exclusives get ready for 30 new indie titles to be revealed at Gamescom lmfao seriously huge fail
SpideySpeakz  +   284d ago
I definitely agree with Uncle Jack. Check out a game called 'Routine'.. It's on steam that is greenlit, but not released yet. It pull games like Dead Space 3 to shame, and it's only developed by 4 - 5 people. That's because publishers are notorious for ruining decent games.
rezzah  +   284d ago
But Spielberg doesn't like video games....
Agent_hitman  +   284d ago
Yeah Spielberg of Gaming are coming.. But I believe game creators like Kojima, Miyamoto, Sakaguchi, Teysuya nomura are examples of Lucas and Spielberg of gaming for the past decades..

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