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Final Fantasy XV: Everything We Know

Kotaku - The 15th Final Fantasy doesn't have a release date yet, nor does it even have a release year, but there's still plenty of information floating around about the next entry in Square Enix's titanic flagship series. (Final Fantasy XV, PC, PS3, PS4)

nick309  +   629d ago
Im not hyped until i play this, remember the hype for xiii?
Ksar  +   629d ago
Yes, and that was a great game. So I'm waiting FFXV as well :)
nick309  +   629d ago
FF 13 &2 were decent at best. The characters were interesting but the combat was way worse than the story.
Xof  +   629d ago
They hype for XIII is still so strong that some gamers actually think it was a decent game.
pimpschitz  +   629d ago
Dude I'm hyping this game because it's going to be amazing. I have waited for a darker version of FF for a long time. Everything I have seen is astounding, and I can't wait. Magitek armor? Are you shitting me? I'm totally screaming hell yeah right now.
titans9999  +   629d ago
Don't get too excited or you will be disappointed....they are removing airships! I also did not see any summons, chocobos, or mogs either!
youndamie  +   629d ago
@titan no summons? did you not see Leviathan during the E3 trailer? I pretty sure there will be airships and chocobos, but I am not to sure about mogs tho.
pimpschitz  +   628d ago
Did you not read the article?

Yes to all:
Chocobos (much later in the game).
Airships (of course much later in the game).
Summons (you have to fight to earn them).
Magitek armor?

Yes there is quite a bit of stuff in the world, what do you expect from a sneak peak trailer a year before the game comes out??? They couldn't show everything . . .

Don't be pessimistic "they didn't show chocobos, they must not be in it." And how can you say that there weren't summons and airships when clearly there are both (leviathan) in the reveal on PS4 at E3. I'm going to get excited anyway, this game is going to be sweet.

www.youtube.com/vidjagamingne ws
Lord_Sloth  +   629d ago
I know everything I need to. IT'S FINALLY COMING!!!
frozen-assets  +   629d ago
Squaresoft seems to think their roots are really pretty cutscenes. They have strayed away from what made them a runaway success. I see the trailers for FFXV and I see FFXIII all over again. The last FF I REALLY loved was FFX.

Xenoblade to me represents a current day iteration of the Final Fantasy series. Very much looking forward to what Monolith soft comes out with next.
titans9999  +   629d ago
It is not Squaresoft anymore, they merged, and are now Square Enix, which is part of the problem!
kalkano  +   629d ago
And many of the old employees now work for Monolith Soft. So, the Xenoblade reference really makes sense. I'm playing it right now, and it's great. I prefer fantasy settings, and I don't like mechs (that seem to play a big role in their next game), but Monolith is clearly a much better RPG maker, than SquareEnix.
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NatureOfLogic  +   629d ago
We know It no longer has airships since becoming XV, they might even ditch the overworld/world map. I have low expectations for every FF(main series) until they can prove that they can make another true Final Fantasy experience.
NatureOfLogic  +   629d ago
Keep in mind that versus was suppose to be more like the traditional FFs. It looks like that ideal is also changing along with the name change. I'm just saying, I wouldn't get to hyped over this game, but I'm really hoping It turns out to be a good FF game.
FinalFantasyFan  +   628d ago
"Keep in mind that versus was suppose to be more like the traditional FFs."

Atually, it wasn't. Do you even know why it was called Final Fantasy 'Versus' XIII in the first place? Anyway, I'm happy they changed it's name.
Irishguy95  +   624d ago
Nah...we know it's exactly how it was supposed to be.
True_Samurai  +   629d ago
Why didn't they include the Xbox one in the tag?
titans9999  +   629d ago
In 2010 Nomura said there would be airships, last interview a couple of days ago, he said their wouldn't be airships, damn it! Where are the chocobos, mogs, and summons? I have a bad feeling that this is going to disappoint!
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Monkeysmarts  +   629d ago
Maybe they will make Shiva into a bike again.............
Agent_hitman  +   629d ago
Don't be surprised if this game will delayed again.. Guys, remember, it's Square Enix.. The typical Video game company that screwed up and broke the hearts of millions of gamers around the globe.
titans9999  +   628d ago
All I can say is, thank God for Bethesda, at least they know how to make a GREAT RPG! even with bugs, but my experience has not had major issues.....
DW74  +   628d ago
Very little of any of the footage that has ever been shown from that game has ever screamed "Final Fantasy" to me. And even the footage from this past E3 looks exactly like it always has: a game designed for, and still should run on, PS3.

Very few fragments of the footage I saw said "I was designed from the ground up for next-gen systems". To me, this is still v13 with a 15 slapped on it.
FinalFantasyFan  +   628d ago
"No women? We've seen a few appearances from a woman named Stella, who appears to play a pivotal role in the plot—like Noctis, she has a strange power related to the spirits of the dead" Then how can there be no women? I don't know why this became such an issue, maybe because of the immaturity of the gaming media and fans?

"Sometimes I wish we had the easiness Western FPS (first-person shooters) have director Tetsuya Nomura told NBC." Please don't include "western fps" and FF15 in the same context, Nomura.

"That Noctis you see in the E3 trailers, by the way, is super high-leveled. You won't be able to use all those cool abilities from the getgo." Which is how it's supposed to be. No one wants to start the game "super high-leveled."

"Nomura: "I don't like the extreme cases of tech or magic. If I choose, I choose a modern setting — but that's not a good setting for a game. So if you look at FFXV, it starts in a very modern world similar to Shinjuku (in downtown Tokyo), but when the story starts, you go to the medieval world — but the weapons they are using are high tech-weapons; that kind of combo is what I like.""
I hope the transition is seamless.

"Yes, it's all in real time. You dash around the battlefield and attack baddies instantly." That's the way the series should be from now on.

"According to Nomura, Noctis can use a lot of different weapons: small swords, big swords, axes, lances, guns, etc." Looking forward to it.

"Three people per party." It would've been much better if all five participated.

"Airships will return, according to Nomura. "You can fly across the world in an airship," he said in a 2010 interview. Seems like there's a world map!"
There will be a world map, but it's not like the old FF titles where you control tiny characters. The world map will be in real time, meaning it's a huge open world. I'm looking very forward to airships.

"The summon Leviathan also makes an appearance." it looked way too big. Maybe it will be a boss?

"Oh, and Nomura has already started talking about a potential sequel. He thinks it'll be tough to wrap up all of his vision for Final Fantasy XV in just one game."
I'm not sure I'm looking forward to this, FF direct sequels aren't that great, but we'll have to wait and see.

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