The Best Laptops for PC Gaming

PC gaming devotees: Are you tired of that hulking desktop chaining you down when you want to engage in some FPS mayhem, a marathon strategy session, or some immersive role-play? We feel your pain. Have hope because freedom is within reach! All you need is a good gaming laptop, and the world is your oyster.

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ftwrthtx1811d ago

Why do they have to be so damn expensive?

zeal0us1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

The graficks sure aren't worth 1.5-2k+.

I found some Y580 on ebay low as $650. I also found some Toshiba Qsmario 2012 model(on ebay, manufacturer refub) or w/e they're called, for $870. Ivy bride with GTX 670M should be decent enough to run most modern games(referring to the Toshiba laptop btw).

If you're looking for a Sagers or Clevo, tend to have them cheap. You can find a laptop equipped with a GTX 770M GPU and Haswell chip for under ~$1200(also note Win8/7 isn't included). Cyberpowerpc also have to cheap if you can catch to on sale(Summer, Black Friday, Christmas) and used the coupon SPRING0410. Usually if you can catch them sale you get free upgrades, free shipping and possibly still can used the coupon if the price is over $999.

Allsystemgamer1811d ago

Compactability. I just ordered a custom built sager for school but it runs bf3 at 90 fps on so needless to say it will be good for quite some time.

sdozzo1811d ago

Sager is not cheap. Happy gaming!

Allsystemgamer1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

@ sdozzo

No it wasn't cheap but it most certainly is one of the best value laptop brand on the market. Considering its power for price. Seeing as its for school I only paid half ;p

Atleast it ain't a pos Alienware.

And it's for editing lol.

Total price was 2900 WITH warranty the covers everything including theft (can't be too careful in college). But the macs are more expensive for what I need and I need it to not be completely outdated in 3 years XD

Damn HD video editing lol

ftwrthtx1811d ago

That set you back a pretty penny, I bet.

1nsomniac1810d ago

It cost you 3 GRAND!??

Bought it for school my ass!!

Allsystemgamer1810d ago

@ 1nsomiac

Lol it is for school.

32gb of RAM to assist with the new haswell CPU i7 for intense editing, rendering, 3d editing, After effects/digital manipulation..

Solid state for quick loads

2 hdds for storing of footage

It's the 780m I decided to throw in there that brought the price way up. The 780m upgrade was 270$ the. There was the warranty for 300$. So it's about the average price for an editing laptop. The reason I got the warranty is cuz I'm in school and the 780m is cuz I won't be home to play games so between classes/shoots/editing I can have some fun.

MacBook pros (ones I would need for RED footage editing) are easily over 3 grand and have crappy specs in comparison. If I'm shelling out that much for a laptop I'm going to make it possible to have some fun with.

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clearelite1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

You can find some really powerful gaming laptops for around $1,000 US. Just type in "gaming laptop" on ebay and you might get some ideas.

Still pretty expensive, but they are often good for a lot more than just gaming.

Also bestbuy has some nice POWERFUL Asus laptops for reasonable prices if you live near one.

Or build/learn how to build/customize your own :]

zeal0us1810d ago

Ebay is good place to find manufacturer refurbish gaming laptop. You will most likely find the 2012 models in the $700-900+ range for certain laptop brands. Others brands like MSI, Alienware, Razer tend to still be expensive regardless what model or condition you find them in.

I found this manufacturer refurbish Lenovo Y580. It came with 1tb HDD, mSSD , bluray and also with basic config(ivy bridge&660M GTX) for $658. I was thinking about buying it but I have to pay for college this semester. So I ended up passing up on it sadly.

dbjj120881811d ago

For when you want something hot on your lap, but not a woman.

zeal0us1810d ago

That's why they invented laptop cooling pads. Sure you got to hurl out an extra $20-35+ but it will keep your lap cool and your laptop cooler. Usually 5-10+ or more degrees cooler depending on the laptop, how much heats it emits and the environment you're in.

Tundra1811d ago

If you're gonna be home most of the time. Just build a desktop that'll be almost 1/4th of the price for the same or more power. If you're on the move alot, a gaming laptop isn't exactly a bad deal.

Allsystemgamer1811d ago

Yea I have a desktop. But seeing as I'm headed to school for a film program for 3 years ill never be home. So I built a powerful gaming lappy toppy for my needs and it is more than capable for my HD editing :3

clearelite1811d ago

Where would be a good place for me to get some parts? I'll be doing some traveling as well.

Allsystemgamer1811d ago


Parts? eBay is pretty decent but generally if your looking for mobile stuff go to a specialized store.

If your looking to build a laptop I used reflexnotebooks cuz I'm Canadian. They do ship to the US but I have to clue where your from lol

Tundra1810d ago

@ clearelite

If you're looking for quality resellers (if you're in the US), GentechPC and XoticPC are really good.

I'm in the process of receiving a msi laptop from Gentech at the moment and they've been excellent.

STK0261811d ago

Pretty sure the Malibal Nine is the best gaming laptop on the market nowadays, although the price will be too high for 99% of the people looking for a gaming laptop.

modesign1810d ago

if you have thousands of dollars and no girlfriend, i would recommend the most expensive laptop,