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Why I hate first person shooters and from the looks of things you do too

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes:
This article was a longtime in the making, people used to ask me all the time to ‘jump on’ Call of Duty or Killzone or Battlefield or any other popular FPS but my response was always the same “I don’t do First Person Shooters”, “Get at me when you’re ready to play Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption or Resident Evil” .

Now I will finally articulate why I hate First Person Shooters; from the looks of things you do too” . (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

RGDubz  +   533d ago
You hate FPS & your reason is because you can't imagine it's you because you're playing as someone else but it's acceptable in 3rd person games.. I think the real truth is around the lines of "you suck at FPS games, so you perfer 3rd person"., at least that would make more sense.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   533d ago
I hate cod clones but i love fps like stalker with the incredible atmosphere we need more unique fps like that.
RGDubz  +   533d ago
I wouldn't argue with you on that but seems irrelevant to the topic since your talking about playing one of the worst FPS games ever made compared to playing to Stalker. lol

The reasoning behind his hated of a view point is total different situation.
HyFackingDro  +   533d ago
Why I should give 2 f**ks about articles like this, "Why I..."
mcstorm  +   533d ago
@Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II I agree with you. For me ive got bored of shooters in general I think this gen has had way to many and ive found my self this year playing a lot more Nintendo IP's and im loving the change. I loved Halo 4 but I have not really played it online I keep going to Forza 4 and Horizon for that.

For me Im not getting a Shooter for 6 to 12 months and going to look at other types of games for a change on the WiiU as well as my xbox one when it comes out.
SirKilla  +   530d ago
We don't hate first player shooters! We hate crappy games with poor hit detection and client side server. Aka cod.
Kick down for Designated servers he cheap MFs.
3rd playa shooters have issues with aim and hip fire, not a fan.
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pixelsword  +   533d ago
@ RGD:

What's worse about that is that since it's 3rd person, the person can see that it is blatantly not them. I think he/she likes 3rd person because there's a wide-scope of vision so they can shoot or run and hide a lot quicker.
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GunsAndTheBeast  +   533d ago
yes you're right RGdubz, people blame the game because of their miserable experiences (they suck at the game, they had arguments about the game, etc.) , but usually they suck at the game. and people who wins a lot tend to care less.

oh did i mention PS4 won next-gen?
Ultraplayerxp  +   533d ago
Why would I hate FPS? I'm awesome at them.:p
HappyWithOneBubble  +   533d ago
Yeah anyone can camp in a corner and get an easy kill.

lol just joking
CrimsonStar  +   533d ago
Just look at bioshock . half life , and Metroid prime all fps all great .
gamertk421  +   533d ago
Don't tell me what I do and don't like.
SirKilla  +   530d ago
I'm sorry... Your right. I gave my pet monkey a type writer and this article is the best it came up with.
HarryB  +   533d ago
3rd person games like hitman and gta are acceptable games. Fps games I don't hate. I hate the multiplayer set up like in cod. But I don't hate the game. The best way to experience cod is through lan. That is truly amazing. But online is garbage.

Fps and 3rd person games are like apples and bananas. Gta is the only game that unites the entire community. I thank rockstar for that. They make great games.

Also I'm hearing about a new game rockstar coming with called the agent? Ps4 exclusive.?
KwietStorm  +   533d ago
lol are you being sarcastic about Agent?
tarbis  +   533d ago
I only hate FPS games if the game makes me dizzy which is 80% of FPS games from both PC and consoles.
Furesis  +   533d ago
clearly FPS games are not for you lol
RGDubz  +   532d ago
At least you have some sort of logic behind your reason, in fact I was almost expecting the same reason from the article but no, I see no logic in the article.
PigPen  +   533d ago
Totally wrong, Metroid, Halo and Call Of Duty are games I play. I don't wish every game is a shooter but I play them.
Kryptix  +   533d ago
First person shooters are great when the developers give it innovation and creative thought. I think Call of Duty ruined it for a many on what a FPS really is. People who play CoD makes them believe they're all the same, just shoot and move, shoot and move. But there are games that you need to use your head to be tactical and get around like Rainbow Six and Battlefield. Then there's creative first person shooters like Bioshock and Dues Ex that are very story oriented and fun. I think he has a very shallow thought on first person shooters. It's opinion and preference cause I don't really play sport games, but I can at least back it up with better reasons.
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NatureOfLogic  +   533d ago
FPS are losing that wow factor. I mean what haven't we blown up, QTEd, Sniped, falling buildings, helicopters, run and gun or sneak stealth kills with a knife. FPS are becoming predictive and repetitive. FPS need more diversity, like add dinosaurs or some fictional for a change. Think of something original like turok. FPS don't have to be all explosive action packed with QTEs and soldiers.
shibster88  +   533d ago
Crap article, you cant play for crap so you want to have a go at games like bf and cod bf isnlike the best game ever made and with the bf4 on its way its about to get better, buy a wii u and play smash bros or some shit.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   533d ago
I do like playing FPS like BF and KZ and sometimes I be wanting to try a different FPS but then I feel like it's just another FPS and it's no different than the ones I play. Plus some FPS campaigns suck so you really paying for multiplayer and sometimes multiplayer sucks because of the cheaters and lag.
CLOUD1983  +   533d ago
In my case I hate FPS because Japanese devs think if they change their games & turn them all in CoD clones the sales will sky-rocket, ofc that never happen & in the end they just destroy whole franchises & burn them to the ground, so yeah FUCK FPS & FUCK Japanese devs who sell out in order to increase sales w/o even care for the fans already have.
aaron5829  +   533d ago
i dont hate fps... at all. i only hate cod. there, i've said it.
GT67  +   533d ago
i hate ALL!!! FPS and multiplayer games, i've said it whew!! monkey off my back.
McScroggz  +   533d ago
I'm going to be honest, I read this:

"SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes:"

And checked out. Am I supposed to take this site seriously?
dcj0524  +   533d ago
Not a mention of half-life, mirror's edge and the early medal of honors? Those have great stories. Battlefield 2: modern combat is often ignored but I loved the story in thatt too. The original bad company was funny and memorable too.
dcj0524  +   533d ago
Oh my god. How could I forget deusex. Man the first and third ones are incredible ( hate the 2nd one)
Brucis  +   533d ago
But I don't. The only genres I intrinsically dislike are Sports and Music.
Confickercrash  +   533d ago
There's no hating of FPS here (or 3PS) but there is hating the media generalisation that all FPSs must look at CoD as the benchmark.
Gamesgbkiller  +   533d ago
There is a lot of FPS games.

I think he didn't play the good ones.
BosSSyndrome  +   533d ago
Interesting article. Makes a lot of good points but I wouldn't say FPS is the only genre wherein the value of SP and MP is switched. Just look at fighting games or to some extent, racers.
RevXM  +   533d ago
No dear headline... I do not.

I love Killzone, Unreal, Crysis, Half life, Resistance, Black, Metro and AVP 2.

There is plenty of shooters I do and do not like, not every FPS is just like COD.
Just like how not every Jrpg is like Final fantasy, or every racing game is not like need for speed.
Wizziokid  +   533d ago
The main FPS i would say I 'HATE' is COD but beside that i enjoy playing them online, sure they get boring but they offer some enjoyment with friends especially BF which has a great multiplayer imo
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   532d ago
Shooters are hot right now
Just like when Mario64 came out; everbody and their dog wanted to make a platformer.

it gets old, repetitive and it creates lots of subpar attempts (compared to other games in that genre).

For me,
the merging of Genres is probably the best way to make a game unique.

Just because you use FPs view does not mean you have to :

shoot the same guns
live in the same world
use the same physics
use the same customization
offer identical gameplay
use the same graphics
tell the same story
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Picnic  +   532d ago
I hate war-themed FPS games because of what it says about those who play them - too much first world time on their hands luxuriating about how cool war is.

Those who died in WWI or WWII might look on you with a mix of pity and contempt.
Saryk  +   532d ago
I work with a guy who can't stand FPS games. And admits that he sucks at them, but does not care. I prefer FP RPG games (Ultima Underworld, Everquest), but shooters are a saturated market.
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PersonMan  +   532d ago
I prefer third person games because its easier to tell a story. Your character can talk. You can see the character climb, put his weapon away, and hide behind cover. Also, you can easily see if someone is behind you.

Also, the animations in first person games don't look right. Door just open for you, your feet only appear sometimes, your gun is always up to your face and grabbing items often has no animation... The items just disappear when you press a button.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   532d ago
Good points.

I would think with the current process power of consoles, it would be possible to make a game that keep track of a fully rendered "body" below the camera (eyes).

I wonder if it isn't done because of technical difficulty, gameplay difficulties, or hardware limitations.
PigPen  +   532d ago
First person shooters aren't a bad thing.

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