Why I hate first person shooters and from the looks of things you do too

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes:
This article was a longtime in the making, people used to ask me all the time to ‘jump on’ Call of Duty or Killzone or Battlefield or any other popular FPS but my response was always the same “I don’t do First Person Shooters”, “Get at me when you’re ready to play Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption or Resident Evil” .

Now I will finally articulate why I hate First Person Shooters; from the looks of things you do too” .

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RGDubz1685d ago

You hate FPS & your reason is because you can't imagine it's you because you're playing as someone else but it's acceptable in 3rd person games.. I think the real truth is around the lines of "you suck at FPS games, so you perfer 3rd person"., at least that would make more sense.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1685d ago

I hate cod clones but i love fps like stalker with the incredible atmosphere we need more unique fps like that.

RGDubz1685d ago

I wouldn't argue with you on that but seems irrelevant to the topic since your talking about playing one of the worst FPS games ever made compared to playing to Stalker. lol

The reasoning behind his hated of a view point is total different situation.

HyFackingDro1685d ago

Why I should give 2 f**ks about articles like this, "Why I..."

mcstorm1685d ago

@Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II I agree with you. For me ive got bored of shooters in general I think this gen has had way to many and ive found my self this year playing a lot more Nintendo IP's and im loving the change. I loved Halo 4 but I have not really played it online I keep going to Forza 4 and Horizon for that.

For me Im not getting a Shooter for 6 to 12 months and going to look at other types of games for a change on the WiiU as well as my xbox one when it comes out.

SirKilla1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

We don't hate first player shooters! We hate crappy games with poor hit detection and client side server. Aka cod.
Kick down for Designated servers he cheap MFs.
3rd playa shooters have issues with aim and hip fire, not a fan.

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pixelsword1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

@ RGD:

What's worse about that is that since it's 3rd person, the person can see that it is blatantly not them. I think he/she likes 3rd person because there's a wide-scope of vision so they can shoot or run and hide a lot quicker.

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GunsAndTheBeast1685d ago

yes you're right RGdubz, people blame the game because of their miserable experiences (they suck at the game, they had arguments about the game, etc.) , but usually they suck at the game. and people who wins a lot tend to care less.

oh did i mention PS4 won next-gen?

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Ultraplayerxp1685d ago

Why would I hate FPS? I'm awesome at them.:p

HappyWithOneBubble1685d ago

Yeah anyone can camp in a corner and get an easy kill.

lol just joking

CrimsonStar1685d ago

Just look at bioshock . half life , and Metroid prime all fps all great .

gamertk4211685d ago

Don't tell me what I do and don't like.

SirKilla1682d ago

I'm sorry... Your right. I gave my pet monkey a type writer and this article is the best it came up with.

HarryB1685d ago

3rd person games like hitman and gta are acceptable games. Fps games I don't hate. I hate the multiplayer set up like in cod. But I don't hate the game. The best way to experience cod is through lan. That is truly amazing. But online is garbage.

Fps and 3rd person games are like apples and bananas. Gta is the only game that unites the entire community. I thank rockstar for that. They make great games.

Also I'm hearing about a new game rockstar coming with called the agent? Ps4 exclusive.?

KwietStorm1685d ago

lol are you being sarcastic about Agent?

tarbis1685d ago

I only hate FPS games if the game makes me dizzy which is 80% of FPS games from both PC and consoles.

Furesis1685d ago

clearly FPS games are not for you lol

RGDubz1684d ago

At least you have some sort of logic behind your reason, in fact I was almost expecting the same reason from the article but no, I see no logic in the article.

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