Rambo: The Video Game looks more ‘First Blunder’ than ‘First Blood’

Rambo seems like the perfect property to make a video game out of, doesn’t it? You’ve got action, stealth, exotic locations, and even in the first film where Rambo didn’t kill anybody, there’s still the opportunity for evasive thrills. Well, as today's debut trailer for the upcoming Rambo: The Video Game proves, such a concept is easier said than done.

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GenericNameHere1560d ago


Look at Rambo's face!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

ArchangelMike1560d ago

The problem is, the "Rambo" game has already been done, and much better, a hundred times over... just look at Crysis, FarCry, heck even the new Tomb Raider reboot. This game is already old before it is even released.

Cam9771560d ago

I agree.
Look at his hair, the animations and the guns. FPS didn't do this game any favors.

nick3091560d ago

Its done by a **** dev .

GribbleGrunger1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I'll say one thing about the prospects of this games success: 'We'll need more body bags'.

BlackTar1871560d ago

it is next to impossible for people to play games for fun and enjoyment only. You make up your mind based on early graphics to hate on this game and therefore never even give it a chance.

SilentNegotiator1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

1) Being critical doesn't mean you "can't play games for fun and enjoyment"

2) Horrible graphics are usually indicative of a studio's inability to hire good animators (thus implying general incompetence) or otherwise a major lack of funds.

Plus, it's from Teyon. So...yeah, probably gonna be a bad game.

Seriously, though, did you watch the video? Rambo looks like a GI Joe with an abused face. And all of the scenes he's shown in look just as bad...if they're FLAUNTING those scenes in a trailer, think how bad the worst stuff looks.

BlackTar1871560d ago

i saw this video earlier yes. i can care less what the graphics look like all i care about is gameplay and i got nothing else lol you win :)

jetlian1560d ago

looks ok to me just hope it plays well. let the bow play like crysis or tomb raider and it should be fine.

saw on kotaku comments people saying it looks like ps2 lol. It looks better than early 360 games

SilentNegotiator1560d ago

I guess you missed the part where I said it's from Teyon.

That covers the gameplay; a 99% probability of crap.

nick3091560d ago

Day clearly didnt see who's developing this awful game. The devs of heavy fire /: why no 1 good makes these kind of games why. Now kids will hate rambo.

djtek1841559d ago

day never is right. next time i'll add the /s sarcasm tag

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