You’re Welcome, Nintendo: My Idea For A Pokémon Game

Ever get sick of the same old Pokemon games? What if we had one in Augmented Reality?

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FanboyCrusher1747d ago

It's in interesting concept but it could be done with Nintendo's next handheld. Mobile is something they wouldn't bother with, especially with one of their most successful brands. When the next Nintendo handheld is out (the next big leap anyways GBA-DS) We'll see more games that would fall under this category. It just seems like a natural progression with handheld gaming.

HexxedAvenger1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Wow... I never really thought of this. It would be awesome!!

Theyellowflash301747d ago

You're idea is great, but Nintendo doesn't need it. Pokemon X and Y is going to sell like crazy.

Darkfist1747d ago

then go play Invizimal.