Japanese Sales Charts Have The Last of Us Still in the Top 10, Earth Defense Force 2025 Starts at #1

Even a 57% drop in sales couldn’t keep The Last of Us out of the top 10 best-selling games in Japan between July 1st and 7th, as it held its ground and stayed in 8th place.

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MultiConsoleGamer1711d ago

Something tells me TLOU is going to be hanging around for quite some time.

Anon19741711d ago

I checked with my local retailer in Edmonton (canada) and they were still out of stock yesterday. Hopefully they'll have more copies in this afternoon. :)

Drakesfortune1711d ago

Great game and puts many other mainstream games to shame.

RedHawkX1711d ago

yep its a must buy and a must play immediately. Guys do not wait to play this game because every second you wait is a chance for it to be spoiled.

also game was sold out at walmart a few days ago again lol

cpayne931711d ago

Well deserved sales. Great to see an awesome western game do well in Japan.

desertpunk861711d ago

japs have a horrible taste in games i guess monster catching and dated jrpg mechanics is as much as what we are going to expect from this country full of racist pedophiles.

cpayne931711d ago

I think you need to take a look at yourself when you call others racist. That was one incredibly ignorant comment.

knifefight1711d ago

I don't know why it mentions a 57% drop like that's unheard of or unexpected. Every game, almost without exception, sees that happen in its first couple of weeks in Japan. It's the way sales go in Japan. Gundam Breaker, for example, was #1 last week but dropped 84%. It's pretty normal.