Interview: Stormfront Studios: Not Dead Yet

GameCyte writes: "Several sources have now reported that development veterans Stormfront Studios have shut their doors and gone out of business. GameCyte has learned, however, of potential light at the end of the tunnel, and had the opportunity to hear new details from the highest source. While Stormfront's operations have been suspended due to financial hardship, ongoing negotiations may see the studio remain open, and its employees may yet be called back to work.

We spoke with Don Daglow, Stormfront's founder and CEO, earlier today over the phone. He informed us that Stormfront is still in the process of negotiating with publishers about potential games based on original IP.

GameCyte: Mr. Daglow, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. I can only imagine how busy you've been, with the recent news…

Don Daglow: It becomes a very busy time… we did have some ongoing discussions about our original IPs, that when we suspended operations-those discussions have continued and, ironically, new discussions have actually started, so we are exploring the possibility that maybe people will be able to be called back, but there's no certainty of that at this point. We're exploring all options, and one of those options would be that we would end up shutting down."

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BlackIceJoe3911d ago

I really hope Stormfront can find a way to survive. Because if Stormfront's new IP was any thing like Two Towers it would be great.