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Microsoft Won't Need PCs To Showcase Xbox One Games At Comic-Con

Microsoft is in full-fledged “We need you to think the Xbox One is cool” marketing mode, and they'll be doing any and everything possible to convince you that the upcoming next-generation console will be worth the price of admission when it launches this fall. (San Diego Comic Con, Xbox One)

Rusty515  +   750d ago | Funny
What an accomplishment. Ladies and gentlemen please give a round of applause to Microsoft on this challenging achievement. Playing xbox one games on the Xbox one to showcase the console. We must be in a dream or something. This is just too good to be true.
EXVirtual  +   750d ago
Sorry I accidentally dislike your comment. But your right, they shouldn't need to use pc's in the first place
Mystogan  +   750d ago
They were not using PC's, IT was just one game.

True_Samurai  +   750d ago
HugoDrax  +   750d ago
I could have sworn the demo kiosk of Killer Instinct was played on a console at E3? I could be wrong, but I recall an interview on IGN where the XB1 was clearly being used.

Link: 00:24 mark


More examples of xb1 consoles being used at E3. The only title it says was running on PC's was LocoCycle. Link below:

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hazardman  +   750d ago
They can use PC if they want. I think people are making a big deal out of the E3 PC thing. I mean i would assume the pc were running at/close to final specs. But its good to know that all games will be running on actual hardware.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   750d ago
You know the usual how Sony diehards like to downplay or sabotage the truth. Not all of them but some of them.
turgore  +   750d ago
Battlefield 4 was shown as running on a PC. Probably dead rising 3 as well.
SITH  +   750d ago
Where were you no PC dev kit people the past two generations of E3 conferences?
SpideySpeakz  +   750d ago
MS is getting pretty pathetic.
Mounce  +   750d ago
Careful everyone, the delusional Xbox fans are in this page to defend their Console-of-choice!

Don't talk smack about their console or they'll FIERCELY Disagree with you.

And start linking you to website that deny Microsoft using PC's to run X1 games even though the sites that try to Counter the facts and Images we all saw with "It's a lie" and no Counter-fucking-evidence to tell us how it's not a truth.

Just let them go with their petition in which the Happy-go-lucky Xbox 'fans' go blow in the direction of their company who tries hard to give them DRM, take their rights, freedoms and privacy away, by all means - they ENJOY being masochists for M$.

Sheesh. Sony fans, don't speak hurtful words, reality stunts their dopamine excretions.
Prcko  +   750d ago
Mystogan  +   750d ago
Cinemablend looking for hits again.

It is a known fact that only lococycle was running on PC at E3. Other games were shown CLEARLY running on Xbox One the console was visible.

EcoSos3  +   750d ago
Even Dead Rising was running on a PC, even I notice this during the E3 conference.

MysticStrummer  +   750d ago
You're claiming cinemablend was the only place reporting that story?

Look again. Multiple people from multiple sites saw the same thing.
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Cryptcuzz  +   750d ago
It is known to be only Lococycle to be running on a PC you say?

Then why was Battlefield 4 being demoed having a backspace icon during the Microsoft demo?

Yeah...might want to check out your known facts again.


Related image(s)
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MizTv  +   750d ago
Mystogan  +   750d ago
n4g.com/news/1286435/report-p lenty-of-ps4-games-also-runnin g -on-the-pc-during-e3-2013

Rusty515  +   750d ago
I don't F with dead links bro.
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n4rc  +   750d ago
Yes.. Because sony doesn't use PCs to showcase games either right?

Damn fanboys latch on to anything don't they? Even when their beloved Sony does the exact same thing..
ALLWRONG  +   750d ago
WOW! so many uninformed people here
Lvl_up_gamer  +   750d ago
It is N4G afterall....
THamm  +   750d ago
I really don't think they are ready. Heck I don't think they are quite ready to launch
thebudgetgamer  +   750d ago
I sure hope not. Good job Microsoft.
XtraTrstrL  +   750d ago
Wow, this is just sad. They'll do anything for attention now. Is this is suppose to be commendable? Xbone is really in trouble, it seems they haven't gotten their feet back under them yet. They're still slipping, sliding, tripping and flopping all over the room like Octodad.
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Mystogan  +   750d ago
If you do your research right, you would have known that cinemablend is looking for hits.

Xbox one games were not running on PC's.

MysticStrummer  +   750d ago
If you did any research at all, you would know that many sites reported the same thing cinemablend did.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   750d ago
What is that link supposed to prove Mysto? Just because the headline says it doesn't mean it's fact.

It just links to some guy from a forum basically saying "na uh"

Thats your proof?
southernbanana  +   750d ago
I like how people say many sites were reporting the same story yet I question how many of said sites were reputable sources.....
cyguration  +   750d ago
lol, dude, what about the MS rep clearly saying that they were using PCs as dev kits? Are we suppopsed to ignore facts and truth now because fanboys said it wasn't so?
ALLWRONG  +   750d ago
Your first clue should have been the Sony fans writing Xbox news.
Lannister  +   750d ago
Does Microsoft have a Cerny type working for them ? Just wondering. Some dude with a plan and a vision. Or is it all just puppets wearing suits ?
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Darrius Cole  +   750d ago
They had a guy like that. His name was Don Matrick, but he was fire...er...He quit.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   750d ago
No more screw-ups MS.
Relientk77  +   750d ago
We finally get to see Xbox One games running on an Xbox One I guess
Foxgod  +   750d ago
Not finally, again, we get to see them running on an XB1
stevehyphen  +   750d ago
This is just a terrible article meant to heat up the fanboys and gather some hits.

Don't believe the hype. Buy what you're going to buy. Forget what people tell you to buy.
JBallerX  +   750d ago
This might honestly be some of the best advice I've seen on this site. Get the console you want to get. Don't worry about what fanboys are saying on any site. Both consoles are going to be amazing. Get the one that you want the most! Done. I love it man.
stevehyphen  +   750d ago
It's like I said in another post for another topic: It's not like one of the consoles is not going to be fun.
That's really all there is to it. I don't understand where people get the time to be negative about anything, especially something so trivial.
Loki86  +   750d ago
Sigh, only Lococycle was running on a PC from their first party. The third party games were running on PCs because they had not been optimized for the new consoles yet, which is the case for any new hardware.
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   750d ago
A pc/dev kit are still common at gaming trade events. It's possible they will have dev kits behind closed door for a demo and the consoles on the floor for folks to play games.
ChubbyLover  +   750d ago
MAN, this site just likes to jump on the Microsoft hating... Alot of the games shown at E3 were running on Xbox hardware/dev kits. Only one or two were using PCs (lococycle i believe).

but man, most of this negativaty is so over done from people on this site, either misinformed or just people who want to see Microsoft fall.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   750d ago
Folks on this site are still in shock seeing a weak console running hi end graphics.
With those specs on the x1 they expected games to look slightly better than the 360 .
The BF4 multiplayer demo at the EA conference confirmed running on xb1 hardware dev kit.
DigitalRaptor  +   750d ago
If that is true, then cool.

But how do you explain this? http://i.imgur.com/t0EL5xz....
christocolus  +   750d ago
I don't know what all the argument is about. Until devs get final hardware and drivers up to date they will use high end pcs.its always done early in the consoles life cycle. Even some ps4 games ran on high end pcs. So what's all the attack on ms and the xbx one for?ps 4 fans should pls know when to hold back and be more logical.you can check it out in the link below.

n4g.com/news/1286435/report-p lenty-of-ps4-games-also-running -on-the-pc-during-e3-2013
nick309  +   750d ago
I gone tired of reasoning with internet children. Hit disagree that's your best thing you can do n4g.
Supermax  +   750d ago
Oh the horror of running games on pcs at e3 guys do your homework and go back the last 5 e3s and see how many games are run on pcs instead of consoles.
KontryBoy706  +   750d ago
they shouldn't have "needed" them at E3 either
cyguration  +   750d ago
The damage control in this thread is deafening.
dethpuck  +   750d ago
As is the Sony trolls

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