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Nvidia Shield: Is it the Ultimate Portable Gaming Device? Watch Our Demo

At CES this year – Nvidia had it's Android powered Shield gaming system sealed behind glass and that was just no fun at all. Later at E3, that all changed! So what did the WiHD Rocks! News Team do? Well probably what anyone lucky enough to be at E3 would do. We played it!

What can you do with the Shield besides just "play video games"? Well, for example: Did you know that you can control a high flying drone with a built in HD camera attached to it that streams real time video back to the Shield? The Parrot "AR Drone" is such an amazing device! But even with all the bells and whistles that the Shield has built in - it's still missing one important thing... (Android, Dev, E3, Mobile, Next-Gen, PC, Tech)

FITgamer  +   364d ago
Cool tech, but don't really like the way it looks or it's size. Wonder how much it weighs?
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Zdb10r  +   364d ago
One cool aspect though is that you can just put it next to your TV and connect it via HDMI cable. I'm sure they will offer aftermarket controllers so you can play it just like a regular console. It's not really that big. It's really cool and I think it will do well. I'll definetly buy one.
jeffgoldwin  +   363d ago
Also you can stream games from your gaming pc thru wifi for improved performance. Idk why you'd do that, maybe you'd like to sit on a recliner instead of at your pc desk?

Also plays steam games and all the cheesy android games. Still kinda spendy imo, but interesting nonetheless.
Psychotica  +   363d ago
The killer for me is that it only streams supported PC games. If I can't stream any PC game I want then I am not interested.
cunnilumpkin  +   363d ago
playing Skyrim AND pooping, count me in!!
TheUltimateGamer  +   363d ago
HAHA! That's a riot!

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