Uncharted 4′s New Setting, Kratos’ Awful TV Show and PSLS’ Sexy T-Shirts

"On today’s Bad Gamers Podcast with Seb and Dan we talk about where we want Uncharted 4 to be set, what TV shows Sony Pictures should make for PlayStation, and proudly launch a range of PSLS T-Shirts. That’s right, T-Shirts! Also we give away some free games, because we love you." - PSLS

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1744d ago

There shouldn't be an Uncharted 4. Uncharted 3 ended everything perfectly. If they do another one then they would just be milking it. If they do another one then it should at least have all new characters.

Lockon1744d ago

Everything is milked nowadays. Shut up and accept it As long as the quality of the game is good which it will be because its from Naughty Dog.

iamnsuperman1744d ago

I am not sure how Uncharted 3 ended perfectly for a series as each game is an individual adventure but with overarching sub plots and themes. There could easily be another game that wouldn't be detrimental to Uncharted 3's story.

It isn't like what is happening with the new inFamous game. inFamous 2 ended very well but it would appear that the new inFamous game has taken a direction that does undermine the powerful inFamous 2 ending.

OrangePowerz1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

All new characters? I hope you don`t mean new main characters because Drake is a big reason to play the games just like you watch Indiana Jones in part for Indy.

I love Uncharted and I want Uncharted 4 for next gen with all the extra power I can`t imagine what they can do.

truthteller1744d ago

It might be hard for them to go back. They introduced a lot of new stuff into TLoU that IMO can't be transferred to Uncharted (like crafting and shit) and life/death is done more realistically. Drake is a serial murderer. As much as I love Uncharted they will have to let it go.

OrangePowerz1744d ago

I love TLoU, but I dont need crafting in Uncharted. Uncharted isn't suposed to be realistic, we talk about a guy that can climb up a skyscraper :)

I still don't know till this date what the problem is that Drake kills many bad guys. Every AC character is a mass murder and the same goes for GTA, any FPS or third person shooter charater.

Bowzabub1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Uncharted is set in a timeline similar to Indiana Jones. It can jump from Drake being 10 to Drake being 65. In fact, Uncharted is the Indiana Jones games that fans have begged for and never got. There is a big universe there. Come on out from the shallow end, the water is much nicer down here.

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JetP06191744d ago

i want the next uncharted to have a setting in japan

evilhasitsway1744d ago

i dont want a next uncharted need to go with something new maybe a last of us two or just something straight up new uncharted is old news it was good while it lasted but please for the love of god do not make a next uncharted game do not milk it cause it will turn to crap.

OrangePowerz1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

3 games since 2007 is hardly milking and there are many myths left to explore. That it will turn crap is only an assumption on your part and given the track record of ND I would be more optimistic.

evilhasitsway1744d ago

its fuckin tomb raider with a guy I love nd but really they just stole the idea we don't need games like other games we need something different.

OrangePowerz1743d ago

I think we can all agree that they got some ideas from TR ( aka Indiana Jones with a girl) and from Indy, but plays very different from TR. The first game had more in common with TR while the sequels have more in common with big action movies and TR was never that much fun to play.