TakuCast Zero: Episode 7: GTA Gameplay Shown For The First Time, Red Dead on PC? And More

GUN and DatHon3yBadger go in depth with the recent GTA V gameplay trailer, as well as briefly talk about the possibility of Red Dead coming to PC and wonder what Sony are teasing.

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RedDeadLB1781d ago

I don't know what I want more on PC - RDR or GTAV. I WANT BOTH.

generic-user-name1781d ago

I get the feeling that if one comes then the other will too.

Jovanian 1781d ago

GTA 5 is the one that is likely to be on PC, because nearly every GTA has been on PC before it

red dead I am not so sure, because not every red dead has been on PC before

MonChiChi1781d ago

I was just thinking of RDR for PC the other day. No longer have my console version and my wild west in me was coming out and wanted to play. Would love for this to come to PC.

GTA5 I bet will be on PC.

generic-user-name1781d ago

Yeah I can't see it not coming to PC/PS4/Xbone.