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Analysis: Wii U's twofold problem

Gamasutra- "The twin launch announcements for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were clearly highlights of E3 this year, and the noise surrounding those platforms has overwhelmed the future prospects for Nintendo's Wii U. Just three weeks before the company presents the results for the first quarter of its fiscal year, the situation is looking ever more grim.

The Wii U's problem is twofold: Both hardware and software sales are failing to gain traction. Nintendo has seen not only its hardware and software sales sag in the past few months, but also its prospects for new software, especially from third party publishers." (Wii U)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   533d ago
First, Nintendo doesn't really compete with Sony and MS, they are in their own market.

Second, while pre-orders and hype for the other two next gen consoles have been high, they both have mediocre launch line ups, one moreso than the other, and will both struggle in the first couple of years.

Lastly, the sea change is coming. So few people can see it on the horizon but its coming. Bigger than when Nintendo entered the market in the 80s, bigger than when Sony entered the market in the 90s, bigger than Microsoft jumping in during the early 2000s. Bigger than all these things combined.
Rusty515  +   533d ago
Sounds like a plate of damage control with a side of BS if you ask me. I don't even know what you were talking about in the last paragraph.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   533d ago
Of course you don't.
darthv72  +   533d ago
believe it or not but...
nintendo DOES compete with any other company that is in the same business of gaming entertainment.

They may be going after different markets of people but ultimately they are all in competition for the consumers $$ when it comes to providing a gaming experience.

having said that....nintendo really has 1 and only 1 problem. The games they have are appealing but not to the same level they once commanded back in the hey-day. That does NOT mean the games are any less fun than they are associated with. it means that those who grew up playing them have a broader appeal for gaming now more than then.

the younger generations have no prior experience with nintendo or their games on the same level as the older generations that grew up playing them. My own sons (15 & 11) played more ps2, xbox, 360, ps3 (basically current to 1 gen prior). They dont have the same admiration to games like pitfall as i do. Or the original super mario bros or even to the original sonic on the genesis.

They lack the appreciation of gamings roots and only see what is more modern and commonplace. nintendo is a great company and they make a great product and their games are fun and entertaining BUT.......they lack the same appeal of the more modern COD and GOW and KZ and Halo and GT5 and (insert popular current series here). Mario and zelda and metroid (the usuals) are their bread and butter but if you leave bread out to long it gets stale and butter, well it just gets soft.

i have been a long time fan of sega and nintendo and even atari but while my experience is full of nostalgia from over 30 years of gaming, i can see that nintendo still beats to their own drum. The competition has changed band members to adjust to the changing conditions of the listener.
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Xof  +   533d ago
What do rising sea levels have to do with the gaming market?
darthv72  +   533d ago
i think he meant: tide is turning

but that is just a guess. Now what kind of tide is turning that will cause the sea to change?

MultiConsoleGamer  +   533d ago
Sea Change

sea change (plural sea changes)

(idiomatic) A profound transformation.

Sea change (transformation), an idiom for broad transformation drawn from a phrase in Shakespeare's The Tempest. - source: Free Dictionary

The Dictionary is your friend.
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Mighty Boom  +   533d ago
WII U's problem: It's LAST GEN.

Disagree me, now.
darthv72  +   533d ago
no disagree but...
its current gen as far as the technical specs go but it is still considered next gen because it is their next system after their prior one.

"Gens" are not defined by specs they are defined by their release in relation to a previous system by the same company. We are going into what is considered the 8th generation of console gaming and the wii-u is the 1st out of the gate but this is still considered the current gen until all participants have released their systems into the wild.

In comparison, MS will actually be on their 3rd console but still be in the 8th generation.
Phil32  +   533d ago
This is like the third article you've come in and said "Wii U is last gen-- disagree me, now."

Are you mentally okay? Did a Wii U touch you in a naughty place as a kid or something?

The console wars on this site and with so many of you-- holy shit.
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Mighty Boom  +   533d ago
You're following my comments, I'm flattered.

ziggurcat  +   533d ago
1. it's what nintendo *should* have released back in 2005.

2. it's lacking good 3rd party support... i don't want to see this thing turn into another shovelware device.
Xof  +   533d ago
Actually, in general, third parties are doing much better with Nintendo now than ever before. Nintendo is really making an effort here. If you don't mind some copy-pasted data:

Nintendo 3DS
The best-selling third-party games are Monster Hunter Tri (2 million) and Dragon Quest VII (1.2 million).
The best-selling first-party games are Super Mario 3D Land (8.5 million) and Mario Kart 7 (8 million).
Of the 10 best-selling games, 8 are first-party.
Of the 20 best-selling games, 14 are first-party.

Nintendo WiiU
The best-selling third-party games are ZombiU (0.5 million) and Monster Hunter Tri (0.4 million).
The best-selling first-party games are Nintendo Land (2.1 million) and New Super Mario Bros. U (1.9 million).
Of the 10 best-selling games, 2 are first-party.
Of the 20 best-selling games, 5 are first-party.

Nintendo DS
The best-selling third-party games are Cooking Mama (5.5 million) and LEGO Star Wars (4.5 million).
The best-selling first-party games are New Super Mario Bros. (29 million) and Nintendogs (24.5 million)
Of the 10 best-selling games, 10 are first-party.
Of the 20 best-selling games, 19 are first-party.

Nintendo Wii
The best-selling third-party games are Just Dance 3 (10 million) and Just Dance 2 (9.5 million).
The best-selling first-party games are Wii Sports (82 million) and Mario Kart Wii (34 million).
Of the 10 best-selling games, 10 are first-party.
Of the 20 best-selling games, 15 are first-party.
ziggurcat  +   532d ago
again... *good* 3rd party support for the wii U, not the DS/3DS.

just dance, and zombiU aren't enough to mask the fact that the wii was plagued with shovelware, and that the wii U might turn out to be the same..

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