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The Last of Us is not just a strong contender for Game of the Year but also the Game of this Generation. With its levels of characterisation, world realisation and great game play it is an experience like no other and staples Naughty Dog as possibly the best developer in the world right now.

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Walker1778d ago

Another perfect score in Metacritic !

GribbleGrunger1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Yes, 82 scores above 9/10 (including 40 perfect scores) and only 9 scores below that (including 2 anomalies). You can't get more emphatic than that.

1778d ago
Lord_Sloth1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

I absolutely love this game but the Winter Boss is an obstakle I do not have the ability to overcome. I become frustrated and cannot concentrate so I have put the game away.

I watched the rest of the game through my brother and it has an amazing story, great characters, phenominal voice acting, and fantastic gameplay, but I can't handle it. I was able to take Uncharted 1 and 2 on Crushing but cannot best this boss on Normal, though from what I gather he's the same on all difficulties.

HammadTheBeast1778d ago

He,s not too hard. Just camp somewhere, listen for him, and make sure you don't step on the plates on the floor.

P_Bomb1778d ago

Just platinumed it. Wotta ride! I'm not even sick of it yet, heh

Jury1778d ago

On my third play through and still loving it. Almost got the plat. I found in survivor, you pick up very little stuff but you can still gun everything down cause they leave more ammo when you're low or Ellie and others give you some... So I don't find survivor much more difficult. Less bombs though.

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