Atlus Offers Deep Savings Across Sony Store

Today Atlus announced that many of the games in its PSN catalog are receiving crazy discounts. Just how crazy you ask? Much of their library of digital offerings has been slashed to just of quarter of their original price. This 75% off sale likely won’t last long, so grab some of this budget-friendly gaming goodness while you can.

Here’s a breakdown of the games being offered at deep discounts:

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locomorales1498d ago


I just bought Trine 2 for only $3,5.

justastranger101497d ago

This really isn't a good savings. That Xbox sales was better.

DaCajun1497d ago

Got it free awhile back from PS plus. Good Game.

3-4-51497d ago

Bought Suikoden & Hexyz Force for $10.

Growlanser is only $7-8.

Crimson Gem saga is only $3.50

A few others under $5 as well.

wenaldy1498d ago

Gotta check it out ASAP

ziggurcat1498d ago

gonna have to check that out.

Minato-Namikaze1498d ago

A gift to ps3 players before sony buys them? lol one can dream.

WeAreLegion1498d ago

That would be incredible. I want another 3D Dot Game Heroes, too.

Minato-Namikaze1498d ago

I effing heart 3D Dot Game Heroes. It gives me my zelda fix ever since Ninty started acting stupid and catering to casuals. I forgot atlus was involved in that.

ziggurcat1498d ago

love that game. would welcome a sequel, for sure.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1497d ago

Hell yeah, along with Borderlands 2, that may be the game I enjoyed the most on all the ones I played on PS3!

XabiDaChosenOne1498d ago

If Sony buys Atlus for real... :'-) that's all I have to say.