'Pirates are just misunderstood customers,' says The Witcher 3 dev

PSU writes:

"More specifically, CD Projekt RED has become known for long-term support of its games with free downloadable content, including last month's massive overhaul of The Witcher 2's combat system by a Witcher 3 gameplay designer. With the latter making its debut on next-gen consoles at a time when DRM concerns are at a fever pitch, I seized a post-E3 chance to ask game director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz if CD Projekt RED's fan-first mission will continue."

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PopRocks3591804d ago

I'm sure some are. Not all though. There's a million different variables when you think about it.

I really think it goes both ways; some pirates don't have many financial options or want to try the game before ponying up. Others just don't have any consideration for the fact that they should pay for something before having any ownership of it.

starchild1804d ago

I agree. But I think that if you are not supporting the guys that make your hobby possible, you really need to rethink your life. (I'm not talking about you).

If someone spends all the extra money they have on games, but occasionally uses a crack or downloads a game to use it as a demo, I can't say I see anything morally wrong with that. Only that person knows, though. It's on their conscience.

JunioRS1011804d ago

Pirates save money, but are willing to go through more trouble in order to play their favorite games.

A strange compliment.

Dark_Overlord1804d ago

"but are willing to go through more trouble in order to play their favorite games."

Pirated game

1. Install
2. Copy crack
3. play

Original game

1. Install
2. online authentication (depends on game)
3. Jump through a dozen more DRM hoops
4. Attempt to play (fingers crossed)

IMO cracked games are far easier to set up and play, especially with all the bloatware removed

SteamFrostedEgg1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Pirated game

1. Spend an hour searching for game files and crack
2. Install
3. Copy crack
4. Run Game
5. Computer shuts itself off
6. Dispose of underwear
7. Reinstall entire operating system
8. Repeat the above until you find a crack that doesn't have a virus snuck in

While this might not be the case all the time, there is always the chance that you will get caught out by it.

I will gladly pay for games brand new on day one because I can afford it however not everybody can. As piracy is free, it's always a handy option for those who do not have the finances to pay for every game they want to play.

JunioRS1011804d ago

I guess if you know what you're doing it's easier. I have pirated like 3 games ever and so it was a little confusing to set up for a new guy. I can see how it would be easier after a couple tries haha.

jujubee881804d ago

Sounds very good! ^^ Now, shut up and make this game remote-play (well) on VITA, CDPR (so you can shut up and take my money)!

Heavenly King1804d ago

They already said it has remote play. EVERY PS4 game that does not use camera and other extra device will be able for remote play.

jujubee881804d ago

All PS4 will have remote-play, but it's up to the dev teams to design controls schemes that feel at home on VITA (rather than some one size fits all, universal control scheme).

InTheZoneAC1804d ago

pirates are a bunch of justin beiber punk a**es who've never been disciplined, always thinking something has to be given to them.

Shadonic1804d ago

what about those who just don't have the money and just want to try it out ?

Heisenburger1804d ago

I can't afford a sports car....

Yeah, I think you see where I'm going with this.

I'm not an entitled person. If someone thinks that they DESERVE something without earning it they are entitled. Period.

Now that doesn't mean that I am without empathy, as I don't buy games "the day 0ne" nearly as much as I would prefer.

So I nut up and work hard for, and appreciate the things that I have.

1804d ago
Shadonic1804d ago

I know piracy is bad but there have been times where friends of mines who had pirated versions of different games have led me to buy the full ones.

ShaunCameron1804d ago

Um. They can pay up like everybody else. It's not the industry's fault that they suck at managing money.

Matpan1803d ago


I think that sumarises it...

On the other hand, what about devaluated regions left aside? Like south america, where I live? Many publishers don't even BOTHER to release here, let alone do it at an affordable price. So you are either stuck with digital download (best option IMO for us) or a blood sucking import, which will cost you not only big bucks, but convert that to Pesos (in the case of argentina, my country, that makes almost every disc copy of a game arround $400 argentinean pesos.

Russia, has a restriction i think and games there cost no more than 20u$s, isn't that right? Why not make the same for other regions where currency exange ain't favourable, piracy in these areas would be greatly reduced and surely devs would turn a profit from these forsaken lands :)

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UnHoly_One1804d ago

Pirates aren't customers at all, they are thieves.

If somebody robs a convenience store is he/she a misunderstood customer, too???

Pandamobile1804d ago

That's a horrible analogy.

1804d ago
ShaunCameron1804d ago

Actually it's a good analogy.. It's a case of people who think they have the right to have what belongs to someone else choosing to get it by rather unlawful means.

Pandamobile1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Except that stealing a physical object actually represents a loss for the victim, rather than just a potential loss of sale.

MidnytRain1803d ago


I still consider it bad because even if it's not a loss of something physical, the makers aren't being compensated for the time and money they spent producing it. There are many non-physical things you shouldn't steal. Like screwing over someone who's doing something for you in exchange for money (house or yard work). Just because you're not taking something in your hands, doesn't mean you're not taking their time and money.

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WeAreLegion1804d ago

No, but they are misunderstood people, most of the time. It would go a long way for us to focus on rehabilitating robbers than punishing them. Bullies will bully, no matter how many times you tell them to apologize. We can't just say, "This person did something wrong, so they are beyond repair." It doesn't work like that, no matter what our legal system says.

1804d ago
spilltheink1804d ago

I don't mean to interrupt your self-righteous message, but nice generalization, asshat. I will never understand what type of person you'd have to be to go through the effort of commenting your feelings about pirating online.

I'd never defend pirates. They exist, and my personal feelings about them will not change that, even if i wished that they would.

I am not defending myself. I'm really far from a hardcore pirate, but I'd be flat-out lying if I said I'd never downloaded a movie, CD, or game.

I'm not saying you're not partially correct. I'm sure there are pirates out there who are legitimate thieving bastards. Though, I'd say a pretty large part of software piracy comes from people who'd have not otherwise purchased the game; since this leaves the act of pirating in, what can be argued is, some kind of moral gray-area, I just don't get how certain people feel they are entitled to preach from a pedestal about it (though I guess that mirrors my sentiments toward anyone who is inclined to preach).

What I am saying is that I would really like to meet one member of this vocal "Pirates are pure evil" group so I can actually understand how/why the actions, which you cannot stop, of someone, whom you'll never meet, make you guys angry enough to write about how terrible they are on message boards.

UnHoly_One1804d ago

I'm not in a fit of rage or anything, but wrong is wrong and I'm not afraid to say that.

I'm sorry if I come off as "preachy" or "angry", that is not my intent at all.

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