GTA V: What's in a trailer?

Press2Reset has watched the latest GTA V gameplay trailer. There are some concerns with what we see. Will the story be the weakest element?

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fattyuk1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

Whats in a trailer?


Hydrolex1053d ago

A waste of a good game !

if you people were patient, and let R* release this game for PS4 and X1, it would be a a lotttt better experience, it would take them 6 months.

PS4 X1 PS3 and X360

but you are gonna play it PS3 360, and by the time it comes out for PS4 x1, it wouldn't feel as exciting as when first you play the game

SirKilla1053d ago

Last GTA i bought:
Everytime I ran over a trash can my car would flip.
I hope this one the cars will handle better because the last one didnt make it to my console after playing it for a week.. Just WEAK!

GribbleGrunger1053d ago

By the looks of it, at least 300 hours of my life gone.

Fil1011053d ago

300 sounds good, count me in.