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Tokyo Game Show exhibitors announced, Microsoft included

Microsoft confirmed that they'd be at next month's gamescom in a big way earlier, and we heard they would probably show up at TGS. Looking at the newly released exhibitor list for Tokyo's September event, we see them listed, presumably to show off their Xbox One. That's nice to see. TGS isn't the same without their crazy show floor booth. (Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Eldyraen  +   564d ago
Personally I hope MS shows a few good games there as the 360 did get a few decent/good/great JRPGs as well as a few games for other genres this gen (especially first few years). I severely doubt the console is somehow going to magically become a huge success though but good games never hurt.

Its sad but I had a blast with Bullet Witch when it was released even with all of its flaws (which were numerous and at times unforgiving). It wasn't one of my favorites by any means but wouldn't mind more "crazy" games to go along with LO, BD, etc which were more showcase Eastern developed games. Sort of how Earth Defense Force is still around although it isn't AAA by any stretch of the imagination either. Sometimes its the underdogs that are almost novelties that can end up being memorable in their imperfect simplicity. On a side note BW last boss blew chunks... checkpoints plz.

Honestly though another Lost Odyssey or even Blue Dragon (or similar quality) and I would probably pick up a One sooner. I hope we get to see Rare/Lionhead at Gamescom too though as both conferences would be great to show different games.
edonus  +   563d ago
MS has already shown some phenomenal games. I dont know if its too early to start demoing the full system yet. I am sure people would love to see Kinect in action see some more Quantum Break and Killer Instinct.

I would love a good JRPG like LO, or a Fable MMO. I also think MS would kill if they brought SWTOR to the ONE. Maybe throw in some exclusive content like a few more classes a new world and maybe even make it almost like a semi sequel and change or extend the story arch.

Or maybe we can get a Phantasy Star Online 3 I dont even care if it was multiplat there will be love or Shenemue 1&2 arcade followed by Shenmue 3 announcement..... Ohhhh I can dream cant I.
Septic  +   563d ago
I agree. MS have already shown off some incredible games and I'm happy with the line-up; any more games announced would be great.

I do think however that MS will show off more Kinect titles this time round along with some gameplay footage for Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break.
Donnieboi  +   563d ago
Damn, no Atlus? Need Persona 5! Also, I see Enterbrain on the list! Does this mean we might see a new RPG Maker??
knifefight  +   563d ago
Enterbrain owns Famitsu. They're at every TGS.
supraking951  +   563d ago
LOL it's nice to see M$ try but there going nowhere in Japan. Sorry. Square Enix threw them a bone and will release KH3 and FF15 on Xbone, problem is Japan will buy PS4's to play those games.
Another event another chance for M$ to embarass themselves sadly
Clover904  +   563d ago
Not necessarily. I don't think Microsoft is delusional about their standing in Japan's market, but TGS is a big gaming event that will be covered by the media. The XBone has had a hard time in the press since their unveiling, and this is their chance to show off the console in a new light. They got rid of Mattrick, they reversed their stance on drm... Microsoft is really trying to turn things around.
RedHawkX  +   563d ago
microsoft already spent a bunch of money on tv and other non gaming stuff so i think its safe to say they arent gonna have anything really to show but the saem stuff. because they are digging a bigger hole if they keep spending cash like they are.
Hellsvacancy  +   563d ago
You know Sony is going to steal the show by showing The Last Guardian

Well, I hope Sony show TLG, I think it's about time
TheGrimReaper0011  +   563d ago
they would win to most people if they just show that single game
"here's The Last Guardian"
plays gameplay trailer
"Exclusive to ps3/4"
Skips  +   563d ago

Sony: "The Last Guardian". *Shows 10 second gameplay clip running on PS4...

Audience: *Roaring applause

Sony: *Drops mic, packs up, and leaves...


SCE Japan Studio has so many games in development, it's crazy...
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HammadTheBeast  +   563d ago
I don't think its coming to PS3 anymore...
FanboyCrusher  +   563d ago
If Microsoft could get more support from foreign developers that would be great, improving their relations with other potential buyers couldn't hurt either. Hopefully everyone has a good show.
Narutone66  +   563d ago
Since Japan is considered second tier in the release of XB1, it's going to be a hard sell there. Anyway, competition is good for the consumers.
DiRtY  +   563d ago
Hopefully they show / tease what their new studio in Osaka is doing - I have my doubts though.
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Sniperwithacause  +   563d ago
IMO, with this whole TV aspect MS has going for them, I can maybe see japan liking it. Japanese like TV.

As a Sony fanboy, I know Sony will steal the show and dominate that territory.
HammadTheBeast  +   563d ago
TV won't work in Japan for a bit. US only at the start.
CBaoth  +   563d ago
Let's all criticize MS for trying.....seriously?
Sorry, there are bigger fish to fry when it comes to TGS...

Like where's Nintendo? Ya know that JAPANESE company that thinks even attending a JAPANESE trade show is frivolous. Let me guess, I get to watch another Nintendo Direct instead. Yippee!!! I own both a 3DS and the WiiU, so color me jaded and disappointed Nintendo essentially has thrown away about 20% of their console's lifespan over a knee-jerk reaction (3DS's sluggish start) and HD naivety.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   563d ago
Its going to be interesting to see what MS has to offer to the japanese gamers keep in mind they are not fans of first person shooters..

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