Xbox One ''Day One Edition'' Now Sold Out On Amazon

Following today's news that the Xbox One was no longer available for pre-order on Best Buy's website, online retail giant Amazon also removed the option to purchase the Day One Edition on their website. You can still purchase the standard Xbox One console, but there is no indication that it will arrive at launch.

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Stryfeno21026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

*POPCORN! Get your fresh bag of Popcorn HERE!*

allformats1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Ain't it funny that just after PS4's have been legitimately sold out at GameStop, that all of a sudden, Xbox One units are sold out at various outlets?

I call rubbish on all of this.

xJumpManx1026d ago

Grow up and stop bad mouthing other consoles. If you do not want one fine but stop being a troll. Your Mommy needs should have taught you better.

xHeavYx1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

The thing with the "sold out" is that it means nothing, they could have been 20 pre orders or 1000 pre orders.
Checking the totals, PS4 is still #3 and Xbox One is #6, also the PS4 has other bundles in the top 100, unlike the Xbox One

NatureOfLogic1026d ago

Lets not forget that the WiiU also sold out before launch. This is all marketing. You won't really know until the console is actually released. I have a feeling that Xbox One won't sell as well as pre-orders suggests.

No_Limit1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

"Ain't it funny that just after PS4's have been legitimately sold out at GameStop, that all of a sudden, Xbox One units are sold out at various outlets?"

It could only mean 2 things according to some N4G insiders.

1. MS paid off retailers to create false shortages
2. MS execs bought out the remaining Day One supply themselves to create shortages.

LOL, N4G never disappoint.

nukeitall1026d ago


it is called delusion, when one cannot fathom that someone else wants something they themselves do not.

It is usually associated with fangirls!

The rest of the world just keeps spinning ignoring the bias n4g has.

BattleTorn1026d ago

Console wars aside, they're both pieces of electronics that play video games - wouldn't it make sense that if one sells out that the other would likely sell out too.

Couldntfindasn1026d ago

Or maybe.. by some chance they actually sold out... Lol I don't get how you can think MS is up to something? It's a next gen console. It's gonna sell out lol

justastranger101026d ago

Xbox One day one edition is for me. Xbox One has the better exclusive games.

FanboyCrusher1026d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a fanboy. Seriously, one product sells out and no other product after is allowed to? Be happy this is happening, the economy is crap, and the gaming market is smaller than ever. This next generation was supposed to have the slowest adoption rate in history, and it's looking to be doing very well. We should all be very happy the competition is alive and healthy, it only brings better games for us to play.

opinska1026d ago

Fuk outta here.. It did sold out, stop being a fan boy... Both consoles sold out. For now.. I'm with Ps4 too though...

mediate-this1026d ago

yeah we have a real conspiracy on our hands here

EVILDEAD3601026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Interesting. It means that there were more PS4 preorder consoles allotted to amazon than Day One Xbox Ones.

Makes sense with the #3 to #6 ratio of best sellers of 2013 remaining the same after both sold out.

Also interesting is in the UK the Xbox One Day one moved up 20 spots and is now #47

DRM reverse in effect.

This is still July.

Like expected both consoles are going to sell out completely in 2013.


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iamnsuperman1026d ago

I will take 5 bags. I might be here awhile

Anyway good to here

True_Samurai1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Large bucket please no make it 2

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AngelicIceDiamond1026d ago

It's a good thing MS making progress not a bad thing. Good for MS.

FlameHawk1026d ago

Actually all PS4 bundles on amazon have sold out except the standard edtion.

Animal Mutha 761026d ago

Can I have a large popcorn half and half please ;)

JunioRS1011026d ago

Sony ponies and Xboners alike can agree that this is a great comment. Thanks for sharing

JunioRS1011026d ago

Sony ponies and Xbots alike can agree that this is a great comment. Thanks for sharing

jjb19811026d ago

Can you layer the butter and add jalapeños please?!

CrimsonStar1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Some one help me . When you preorder one and it says Jan 4th possible receive date is it a place holder or is that an actual date ill get it . idc about the day one edition to much ,but the standard editions says January 4th , man I don't want to wait to long for it .

never used amazon before .

FanboyCrusher1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

It's just a place holder, my guess is that both consoles will be out sometime between mid October-end of November. Can't imagine them coming out any later.

ps360owner091026d ago


With the standard edition they can't promise that you will get the system on the day it first releases so they gave you a place holder date. Based on the supply of systems available you could get your system before Jan 4th or at a later date.

Once they get more information they are pretty good at giving updates. My standard edition ps4 got bumped up to a launch edition and my day one edition Xbox One date changed to November 27, 2013 within a week of me placing orders. Since you ordered on amazon you also won't have to worry about being charged for anything until your order ships.

greenlantern28141026d ago

well not sure how many will be available at launch so either ps4 or xb1 being sold out means nothing.
if it is sold out and there are only 500 thousand units big deal if it is sold out and there are 3 million units than that is something.
this goes for both systems.
they are both gonna sell out at launch. the winner will be who ever put the most systems on selves.

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Pisque1026d ago

It didn't sold out...

Clearly a marketing strategy.

The Xbox One is too bad to sell that well. Imagine with that $499 price tag...

torchic1026d ago

what? dude it was bound to sell out. it took much longer to sell out than PS4 but it did nonetheless.

if it makes you feel any better, Xbox One will unlikely sell at PS4 levels after the launch hysteria ends, based on the pricing alone.

CrossingEden1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

dat denial

CRAIG6671026d ago

@Pisque - EPIC GRAMMAR!!!

"It didn't sold out..."

Did you actually attend class?

BattleTorn1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Refusing pre-orders AS MARKETING STRATEGY?

Yup, that's one good strategy!! Considering market strategies usually are design to incur pre-sales..

ape0071026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

you're making a mockery out of yourself, the xbox one is a more complete system than sony playstation 4, it has everything in one system, xbox one have the potential to LEAD THE NEXT GEN and u know it

CrimsonStar1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

the ps3 was $600 at launch , so you my friend are a huge hypocrite .

SixZeroFour1026d ago

tinfoil hats! get your tinfoil hats right here!!

lgn151026d ago

How the fuck did that get 12 likes. And then MS fans are called stupid.

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supraking9511026d ago

WOW took them THAT long? PS4 stand alone system sold out almost after one day...just saying
M$ PR probably behind this story just to show Xbone is in somewhat in demand LOL

Pisque1026d ago

Totally a makerting strategy..

They put a really limited amount of xbox one or they just lie to consumers

Cmk01211026d ago

but ps4 not sold out at bestbuy... and MS is. Still think MS is getting their asses kicked. but it will be competitive IMO once they both launch.

HammadTheBeast1026d ago

Yeah... Best Buy lol. Gamestops where the real pre-orders are.

supraking9511026d ago

3 Gamestops told me there sold out at there secretly told me only 7 preorders :O

Sitdown1026d ago

Ummmm, Xbox one initially sold out on Amazon but then it was opened back up... do a quick Google search.

Manic20141026d ago

Yes if one day mean's one month....Well almost one month.

The PS4 sold out end of last week that to the standard edition.

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Clarence1026d ago

Well better late than never. Just think how long it would have taken had they not changed their policies.